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Arno Reuser

The OSINT Pathfinder programme aims to share with delegates a systematic, planned and structured methodology to do in-depth research in open source information to produce actionable intelligence to assist decision makers in the decision making process.

At the end of the training, delegates will have a full set of new capabilities, techniques and tools to do in-depth investigative research in open sources on the Internet as well as in non-Internet sources.

    • OSINT Pathfinder XXI : 16-18- Apr 2019
    • OSINT Pathfinder XXII : 27-29 Aug 2019
    • OSINT Pathfinder XXIII : 10-12 Dec 2019

What you will learn

The RIS OSINT Pathfinder addresses the full cycle of investigative online research, from problem deconstruction up to and including search strategies.

What you will learn is, a.o. :

  • The OSINT research methodology to do your research in a planned, structured and systematic way ;
  • Background of OSINT : what is it, what is it not ;
  • Technical and strategic backgrounds of the Internet as a research tool: organisation, setup, management, IP addressing, Domain research techniques ;
  • How to set up and execute an in-depth, integrated OSINT research plan in global open sources, not limited to just the WWW ;
  • Techniques to protect your information profile, to protect your information position and to search anonymously ;
  • Requirement analysis and problem deconstruction, techniques to analyse a research subject and break it down in components ;
  • The Global open source information landscape. What's out there? What sources are available for OSINT and how to get access? Commercial sources, libraries, online databases, the Dark web, the Deep web.
  • Tools and techniques to research the Internet outside the World Wide Web: NNTP, FTP, IRC, ListServ, Majordomo etc.
  • Search strategies to set up a very systematic and structured research on the Internet: Building Blocks, Successive Fractions and Citation Pearl Growing ;
    Techniques to bring down millions of hits with low relevance to a few hundred with high relevance ;
  • The RIS Semantical Table of Twelve to compose good keywords for search ;
    Smart query building : Boolean Logic to the max, how to compose smart queries that will find exactly what you want ;
  • Validation techniques to establish reliability and usefulness of open source data.

And much more.

What you will get

  • The RIS OSINT Research Machine, a fully adapted Firefox browser with all the tools, add-ons, extra searchbars and pre-formatted bookmarks ;
  • The RIS OSINT Handbook with all the details, in print, with table of contents and sources ;
  • Extensive lunch and catering included ;
  • A laptop on loan for the duration of the training programme (you can bring your own if you like)
  • Quick Reference Sheets with the full command languages of the major international search engines, including the ‘secret' operators ;
  • A hand-picked literature list for your background reading ;
  • There will be an online training website for participants during and after the training programme ;
  • One year access to the RIS Helpdesk by phone or e-mail for participants to ask questions to the teacher after the training ;
  • Hand-signed RIS Pathfinder Certificate ;
  • A free account on the private OSINT Pathfinder discussion group to stay in contact with the delegates ;
  • Group photograph (if required).

Need more information? Feel free to drop me a line or call me. I am on Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin. Or mail me at a@reuser.biz.

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