Greg Hunter: Daniel Estulin – Back Trump or World Loses — Alert Reader Asks: Avoiding the Zionist Issue?

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Greg Hunter's Text Summary

Hagmann & Hagmann Interview & Alert Reader Challenge on Avoiding the Zionist Question Below the Fold

ALERT READER: Daniel did an video with Hagmann and Hagmann which is more fullsome then the Greg Hunter interview. Estulin has some good points, but he does not mention the Talmudic Jews hand in this.  If Estulin is a Russian former Intelligence person he would know the Zionist hand in the Russian revolutions.  Trotsky and Stalin was both Jews. Lenin was not born Jew. His mother is not an Jew, but Lenin married a Jewish woman and become a crypto jew.  Karl Marx is Jewish. Karl Marx father was a Jewish Rabbi and he was aTalmud Jew. This people killed close to 80 million people in Russia and Ukraine. This is an non issue for Estulin???

Phi Beta Iota: We continue to stress the difference between Zionists (evil) and Jews (good). Certainly many Jews are sayonim (good for Israel) and traitors (bad for their host country) but on balance our fight is with Zionists, not Jews. The Zionists have murdered millions of Jews (most of whom are considered “lesser” Jews) without qualm, with no real distinction between lesser Jews and lesser Christians and Muslims.

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SPECIAL: God’s Chosen People (Video on Hollywood as a Tool of Zionist Control & Subversion)

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