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Extraterrestial Intelligence

ROBERT STEELE: I was invited to travel to France in late December to meet an alleged extraterrestrial resident on earth. I left with my mind still open but not at all convinced. There are possibilities here, and I feel compelled to share this story with all those who think anything at all of my ability to think in the public interest. I am interested in what all of you  think about this. One person I know who follows extraterrestrial and secret space program matters considers this legitimate. There is one Internet reference that I know of: Ummites. At the end of this post is a comment from an Alert Reader who is in my view a real savant.

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The Historical Saga of the Dookhaian People and their Exile to Oyagaa

By Shanaavaa

The Magonian system

From a geo‐cosmic point of view, the Magonian system is located in an area classified by Oyagaa astronomers as being that of Epsilon du Bouvier. The diagram below shows the location and basic structure of the double stellar system that houses the civilization of the Dookhaian people currently the Oskhaa and Gondhaa. Only the Gondhaa are native to the Magonian system, specifically the second planet orbiting the secondary star named Govindha. The Oskhaas come from a star system located in the cluster of Meerenaa, classified M 52 by the astronomers of Oyagaa. The arrival of these in the Magonian system dates back to 211,300 Earth years – Terrestrial Time (T. T.) ‐ The Oskhaa populated the second virgin planet orbiting around the main star Garvinhaa. It was named ” Maagoniaa ”, which in Oskhaa means ”New Home ”, and in Dookhaia means ” Together ”.

Location of the Magonian System

Magonian System

We then lived peacefully for a millennium, even passing from a hyper‐technological way of life to a sociable and ecological way of life, a period that our historians call ” Beerean Eerteinm” literal translation ”rusting wrecks”. Technological know‐how was, however, maintained in the fields of energy production, health and astronomy. The rest of the ancestral knowledge was still kept in the only artificial intelligence data centre authorized to continue to operate the ” Zhiin'deerzuumbaar ”.

Artist Impression of the ‘’Rusting Wrecks’’

Intrinsic Formation of the Dual Magonian System

At the beginning of its formation, the Magonian stellar system had only one star, Garvinhaa. Then aged 17,840,000 years T. T. a nearby star, Govindaa, was captured with its planets, by the gravitational field of Garvinhaa, however the fusion of the two systems will not produce a collusion between the two hot stars. Captured Govindaa positioned itself in a slightly helical eccentric orbit around Garvinhaa. This new stellar system stabilized rapidly (1).


While our people lived in all serenity, our cosmologists detected over 20,854 years ago T. T., a serious anomaly in the heart of the central star Garvinhaa., The star’s heart core began a process of collapse on itself according to a rare physical mechanism. The nuclear entropic cycle hitherto based on the deezummbaan ‐ proton‐proton hydrogen fusion cycle in the stellar heart ‐ evolved to 32.07% of the total nuclear mass in a zuumbaan‐based mechanism – Earth Reference: Bethe fusion cycle of hydrogen at the heart of the stellar.

The forecasts of our cosmologists gave 2,527 years T. T. and 5 months more or less, before the second phase of the process, consisting of a fast decompression of the heart of the central star, with a probability of 99.988%. This factual does not entail a sudden start of the fusion of nuclear helium, which made it possible to optimistically consider a massive non‐destruction of life in the Magonian system, thus leaving the possibility of putting a plan in place to progressively and totally deport the living population on Magonia 1
alpha ‐ Magonia Mother.

However, the rest of the Magonian system alone could not accommodate the entire population to be exiled. It was necessary to put into service the ancient technologies used by our esteemed and respectable ancestors, we reactivated the Zhiin'deerzuumbaar for this purpose.

Evacuation and Planet Exile – Artist’s Impression


The 15 Kirshkaa 52,111 are 18,327 years and 231 days T. T. before the date of the 21th of September 2018 began the evacuation of the mother planet Magonia 1.

7.5532% of the population was sent to the planet of the sixth orbit as well as to the planet of the second orbit of the secondary star, Magonia 2, itself already heavily populated by the indigenous Gondhaa ethnic group. The rest of the souls had to be moved out of the Magonian system, on planetary systems offering a biotope sufficiently compatible with our Baayiodulaa ‐ Bio‐physiologies.

523,258,700 Oemidookhaiaa were thus exiled on 18 external planetary systems, including 5 queuing planets, including the double Sun stellar system/ Gaalgameex and in several waves spread over 17,134 T. T.

The last wave in the year 835 T. T. was that coming from one of the stellar systems Neera, classified by the Oyagaa astronomers HIP 8102. It deposited 5,430 exiles in the region of Lyon and of Central massif South of France today.

During the previous exile missions, our military transporter, Gooshaa 2, captured pulsed electromagnetic signals in ternary code on the frequency of 732 THz, coming from a planetary system with double di‐morphic stars, still not classified by our astrophysicists as a carrier of a civilization mastering the electromagnetic interaction known by the current scientists of Oyagaa under the reference Gliese 687 or HIP 86 162.

We discover Iumma / Ummoa

Intrigued by the nature of the received signal we explored an automated module of recognition at the origin of the source. We then discovered the existence of an intelligent civilization, whose cosmological knowledge we later assessed as equivalent to that of the Oemioyagaa civilization during the final years of the end of the earths 20th century, with, however, a social cohesion much more advanced than that in action in 2018 T. T. on Earth.

At the entrance of our explorer module into the airspace of the explored planet, we were surprised to find that a light vessel of the “combat aircraft” type propelled by a mixed magneto‐dynamic and organic fuel, chased us without however, using any weapons of destruction that they might have had.

Our explorer module was able in a very short time to analyze the many audiovisual communications emitted by the VHF primitive electromagnetic emitting networks of the visited civilization, which allowed us to decipher the written language that accompanied the images emitted. On this subject our second surprise was to note that none of the intelligent beings appearing on the transmitted images had organs allowing them to communicate by an articulated language. During this integrative period, an impressive fleet of light
crafts began to accompany the movement of our module.

After 3 minutes we were able to start communication using images and the language of the visitors. We had just assessed the existence of the people who would become our esteemed Ummite brothers and sisters.

First official contact with Ummoa

The first official contact took place on Ummo in 747 T. T. on the Xaanaoo territory, an area dedicated to official ceremonies located in the lake region of the equatorial south‐west of the planet. During the following months, after investigations, we could then help the Oemiummo to perfect their knowledge, especially in cosmology and space propulsion processes, which made them make a remarkable cosmological progress!

The hostile race, state of war

In 1321 T. T., the planet Ummo was attacked by a hostile race specialized in the plunder of planetary resources in sodium chloride and potassium. Since the commitment of Eexadoo in 949 T. T., our Ummite brothers and sisters had banned all weapons and all forms of militarism, which put them in a position of
weakness. The Ummoaenexee governance ‐ the old form of Ummoaelewee ‐ promptly appealed to our people to drive out aggressors of the Iumma system, as we had effectively preserved our military defence force. A very strong confrontation ensued, finally and after three weeks of terrestrial time, the hostile race retreated away from our galactic sector after having suffered serious losses. It should be noted that this hostile civilization threatened Oyagaa several times between 1800 and 1920 T. T. for the same reasons. An
intervention of Gooshaan 4, our military defence force, was necessary in all cases with one of the phases of these confrontations, an unavoidable intrusion into the terrestrial airspace ‐ 1907 T. T. Currently this aggressive civilization no longer represents a potential danger for the sector.

This difficult episode generated in 1325 T. T. the establishment of an alliance of 12 people under the name of the ”12 Gooshaa”.

Buulboola ” city ” the religious

In 1577, T. T., a new intelligent civilization was discovered in a multiple star system classified by Oyagaa astronomers under the reference HIP 65378. Very paradoxical, this civilization although leaning towards a predominantly religious type of lifestyle, used at the same time the properties related to polymorphic spaces to produce infinitely the energy it needed, while not knowing the means of air transport by linear propulsion, nor the  semiconductor properties of the substrates necessary for the development of Nano‐circuits. As a subterfuge to effectively control the polymorphic energy extractors, this civilization pushed the development of logical electronic tubes very far, datacenters for power and management being installed in huge towers. Currently these tubes are still used having been taken over by our technical units for the development of specific logic processes requiring high power.

This civilization was admitted into the federation of Gooshaa in 1583 T. T. followed by the admission in 1613 T. T. of a fourteenth civilization. Since then, the 14 Gooshaa Federation has been administered by Ummoaelewee for civilian management, and Gooshaan 4 Dookhaia for the management of the military defence affairs.

Artist Impression ‐ Ixaara Aaneim

Resumption of contact with the descendants of exiles on Oyagaa

In the Middle Ages, the descendants of exiled Dookhaians, experienced difficult times, especially in South‐West Europe where they were considered outcasts, seen as pestilence by the rest of the population, and this mainly because of their phenotypic and physiological differences. Condemned to only take‐up a trade in woodworking, this material was then considered by obscurantism as not transmitting diseases (3).

It was only at the beginning of the 19th century that the descendants of exiled Dookhaians began to obtain equal rights like other citizens, especially on French territory. It was at the same period that the Dookhaians governance decided to resume contact with the descendants of exiles on Earth.

To do this, a plan was put in place in 1801 AT, to evaluate and re‐establish the widest possible contact with the descendants of the migrants of the last waves, by sending a team of missionaries composed of 25 Oemi. After 2 years T. of discrete work of evaluation, the mission located descendants of our people mainly on the territory of the Japanese empire, as well as in Navarre and Southern Basque Country, territories of the Kingdom of Spain (descendants of exiled Gondhaa) and in the South‐West and West of the territory of the French consulate, mainly in the South of the Massif Central, in Béarn and the North Basque Country and Vendée, as well as in the Italian piedmont (descendants of exiled Oskhaa).

In 1803 T. T. our sister Ixaara Aaneim, missioned for Japan, could not carry out the peaceful mission for which she had been invested. Equipped with a present of great value for the descendants ‐ a communication device ‐ it was sparingly rejected by villagers with primitive tribal customs before realising the desired contact.

In 1843 T. T. our brothers missioned for the Navarre Kingdom of Spain were able, for their part, to successfully resume contact with 15 descendants of exiles in the area of the agglomeration of Pamplona. In 1848 T. T., the Oaxiboo took office to aid and communicate to the descendants of exiled Dookhaians.

From 1850 to 1903 T. T., 2,408 descendants of exiled Dookhaians expressed the desire to leave Oyagaa for the Magonian system. After examination of their biological architecture by our detached bio‐physiologists, 1573 Oemi were admitted back, the remaining Oemi with too much morpho‐physiological variations incompatible with the Magonian biospheres had to stay permanently on Oyagaa. However, they were asked to help in maintaining the communication structure of the dookhaian governance for the earth
communication structure.

A strange gap

On 11th May, 1949 T. T. our specialist Ummite brothers and sisters ‐ Oemi oolga goo enee ‐ working on electro‐frequency space listening in the centre of Oboonowe, Woaroo Axaa sector, Ummo, picked up a weak radio broadcast on the frequency of 413,447 Mhz U.T. Although incomprehensible, the signal was obviously of an intelligent nature. The origin of the signal was identified as coming from a double heliocentric stellar system located at 15.27 light‐years transmitted by means of an archaic radio system (2). An exploratory mission was sent to the system identified. The arrival on Earth of our ummite brothers and sisters was undertaken on the 28th of March 1950 T. T., in the south‐east of France, near a municipality called Digne.

However, Ummoewoo governance did not relay the news to our federation, it is only in 1951 that Ummoaelewee declared officially to have discovered the civilization of Oemioyagaa. How astonished were our Ummite sisters and brothers when we told them that we had known this civilization for a long time and had even sent migrants there in the past and established a Oaxiboo referent since 1848. After a moment of stupefaction, the reaction of Ummoaelewee showed us that we had proceeded in the same way by not
sharing this information for several terrestrial centuries.

In 1953, Oemiummooa was authorized by the 14 Gooshaa under the aegis of Ummoaelewee, to communicate with the Oemi Oyagaaa and to send detachments. The Navarre Oaxiboo was integrated into this system while retaining relative full independence in maintaining close relations with the last descendants of exiled Dookhaians. This strange information gap in an evolved system is still to this day not understood and will probably never be.

In fine

Currently, in 2018. T. T., 17 descendants of exiles, including your devoted sister Shanaavaa, as well as 7 Oemidookhaia, participate in missions overseen by the Oaxiboo Dookhaia of Navarre in connection with our esteemed sisters and brothers of Ummoaelewee.

Thus, ends the historical saga of the dookhaian people.

With all our love and respect for your noble person.



(1) Physical Characteristics of the Magonian System:
Distance from Earth : 217,211 earth lightyears

Principal central star,
mass: 33,782 solars
Light Spectrum: yellow orange
Age: 6,3789 billions of terrestrial years
Entropic nuclear cycle: Zuumbaan – Cf. cycle de Bethe ref. terrestrial.

Circumstellar secondary star,
mass: 2,077 solars
Light Spectrum: blanc
Age: 3,8955 billions of terrestrial years
Entropic Nuclear cycle: Deenzuumbaan – Cf. cycle proton‐proton ref. terrestrial
Distance Garvinhaa : 1 Zhum – 237,674 Terrestrial Astronomical Units

(2) Origin later determined to be that of a Norwegian freighter serving as a maritime vessel for testing the propagation of electromagnetic waves, bearing the name of ” Alfred Olsen ”, name of the same company (State of Norway, 1934).

3) What earned them the nickname of ” Gézitains ”, which in ancient Occitan language means ” which looks like a leper ”. The descendants of Oskhaa were especially named so, because of their numerous morphological differences with respect to terrestrial Homosapiens, such as feet and sometimes webbed
hands, absence of earlobe, blood at variable temperature of the colour red‐violet, interfertility with the rest of humans difficult or impossible, body odor reminiscent of the fish, speaking an unknown language besides the vernacular, for the main differences, forced to live in separate communities, which will often save them the torment imposed by religion through the inquisition. The descendants of Gondhaa saw themselves decked out with the nickname “Cagots” which means in old occitan “Dogs of Goths”, just as despised as their Gézitains sisters and brothers, they often evolved together.

DOC (10 Pages):  Saga Dookhaia_en_ok



Worm holes like the big-bang like black holes like gravity like the speed of light do not exist, but are convenience catch-all bin for Cartesian academics. A utility for when their theories bump into the hyper dimensional realms and they signally fail to either observe or record real reality.

Viz: real reality is Obama engineering the blood sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of souls (Iraq / Libya etc..)

As opposed to unreal reality whereby he gets an Oscar and is lauded by fabianist liberalism the world over

Academia has systemically observed and recorded unreal reality

That pathology of Babylonian.(babel-esque) Baal fixated logic is now clashing with the influx of vibral light entering our galactic plane subsequent to crossing the 2012 eliptic.

All bets are off. The meek soon inherit the earth.

Which means the highest expression of Intelligence in the mortal realm nowadays is to (be meek) learn to bear witness without judgement.

Meaning to say: chasing logic or comprehension today in the secret space program is not only moot…. It is dangerous.

Witness the unfolding of real reality. Which one cannot do when one is immersed in false logic (false light)


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Fascinating read, not surprised that your had to go to France to hear it. I grew up reading Robert Charroux, Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels, and reading about “Tales and Legends” of many countries: there used to be an entire library of “Tales and legends” in our bathroom, the last place in the house where there was room for more books. With 2 adults and 4 kids, the seat was always warm…

Amazing how, no matter how much of the written documents have been suppressed, oral traditions have always lived on and so have primitive drawings such as very ancient frescos of humans riding dinosaurs and training dolphins to fish for them. Humans will never stop searching for their origin and purpose on being in the most inhospitable environment and yet the most beautiful one at the same time.

Although very often disciplined at school for my inability to buy what I already knew to be incorrect (or, at the very least, subject to questioning, which was never allowed, hence 62 years of open rebellion to authority which has never stopped and increasing), I had a few teachers who supported me for having the same doubts. The most famous one was Francois Duprat, a teacher and a friend, assassinated on 1978. I was 22. It was not political. He was doubting too much, too openly.  Just like Thierry Meyssan didn't flee France for his religious or political ideas but for asking too many questions.

I don't know how much of what you heard is true and can be verified, I know nothing about how much Earth is the stake in some long, on-going intrastellar war in existence for eons, and how much longer Earth will remain. JP Farrell makes a compelling argument that our entire history was written by “others” and our systems were imposed on us from “elsewhere”, such as war, peace terms, treaties and reparations. It makes sense if God placed an intellectual brain in a bunch of warmongering chimpanzees, God being… “others” with their agenda.

What I do know is that the “theory of evolution” has only been a theory, academia has taught it to kids as unquestionable “fait accompli” for decades, and science has forever failed to uncover fossils of “intermediate species” such as between the horse and the dog or the different stages of humanoids, from ape to human. The Bible documents the first written instance of cloning (Adam's rib) and… fails to show Noah running all over Earth in his few centuries of life to gather species after species. The Ark was only large enough to house an extremely large and sophisticated laboratory. And the dates of the flood make so sense archeologically speaking. I interpreted in a Catholic Nuns conference a few years ago, on that exact same subject, with a scientist who brought the subject up. The old nuns were almost apoplexic listening to it. The young, African nuns (last place where we are manufacturing any and who are still very animist at heart) got it.

If it never made sense, it cannot be true.

Long tirade to bring up… John Titor …I listened to everything I found about John Titor, going back to Art Bell. It rings true somewhere.

Hoaxes are usually debunked very quickly. The John Titor hasn't been. Bob Lazar hasn't gone away and FOIA is slowly releasing documents proving him right. Gary McKinnon isn't going away and hasn't been extradited.  despite millions of dollars wasted by the M.I.C. to shut him up. The Titor story is censored. It hasn't been debunked anymore than Comet Pizza or Podesta.

Christ hasn't disappeared despite 2000 years of recuperation of what he stands for by humans threatened by the truth of his message and its danger to a globalist agenda dating back to… 12,000 years?

It seems to have all along been way beyond humans, humans were never supposed to understand it all in their human condition and they are flirting with knowledge they have no business trying to crack, science-without-conscience included. CERN should terrify them.

What you heard in France might be true: it is beyond Earth, it has been going on forever, many species are fighting and much is at stake among them. None of them cares about us, puny humans.

Once you posit it as you did in your article, how do you bring us all back to: “It is transient, we're here for a short time and the idea was to ENJOY life here and now and make the best of it for everyone without any care about what we'll all learn when we croak”?

What if… none of it was any of our business and our job was only to make life better for people here and now? What if, by doing so, the vibration of Earth was changed enough to REPELL anything susceptible to damage Earth and its species?

What if nothing can exist until we put a name on it and give it an identity and our job was to put a positive name on everything as the ultimate repellent?

What if people used to live healthy lives for thousands of years because… they only resonated positively and never thought of fear, death or illness?

Did learning what you heard help you or hurt you in your resolve?

That's where I am. Too much information is not always a good thing. I wish I had been born insouciant and trusting. Oh wait! I was born that way! And then, humans happened to me…

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