David Icke: The Triumph of Human Consciousness Looms!

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence

“A human is only a biological computer processing physical information in a very narrow band of frequency, for a very, very minute amount of time. Once we leave our body, we become pure consciousness and realize that all each of us ever does is… having an experience with labels: male, female, white, black Asian, whatever. Once people realize it, they become uncontrollable and… it is the nightmare of the rulers of this world. Therefore they must always remind you of your labels, take you back down to them. You don’t have to live by your labels. You don’t even have to acknowledge them.”

David Icke Interview 4 With Brian Rose From London Real – We Will Not Be Silenced – 14 June 2020 (Video)

Yoda: ET Disclosure Takes First Step

Extraterrestial Intelligence

Research sheds new light on intelligent life existing across the galaxy

A new study led by the University of Nottingham and published today in The Astrophysical Journal has taken a new approach to this problem. Using the assumption that intelligent life forms on other planets in a similar way as it does on Earth, researchers have obtained an estimate for the number of intelligent communicating civilizations within our own galaxy -the Milky Way. They calculate that there could be over 30 active communicating intelligent civilizations in our home Galaxy.

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Yoda: One Astrologer Predicts Trump Triumph

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Alert Reader provides an anonymous astrology reading.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President (14 June).

I think a lot of these military people have been involved in the coup that’s been going on since Trump was elected. General Flynn was a major threat to them, because he knew about a lot of corruption in the intelligence/military departments and was going to do an audit and an investigation about it. He had to be stopped. I understand it has a lot to do with Ukraine and the Iranian deal.

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Yoda: Is Earth Facing Asteroid Attack?

Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence

Alert Reader writes in:

Once again, I have such a hard time with the real numbers and the unprecedented overreaction by most countries that THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING ELSE going on.  And what Masters states makes as much – if not more – sense than a plandemic instigated by Pharma and M.I.C./deep state worldwide. Weird thing is… no one touches it.  My list of things that do not add up for a non-existing pandemic but give credence to Planet X/Nibiru grows by the day.  And Masters remains very optimistic regardless.

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David Wilcock: Alliance Win Is Inevitable – Details

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Alert Reader summarizes David Wilcock’s latest very long missive.

Biblical war between Alliance (good) and Cabal/Deep State/Swamp (bad)

Modern conflict begins in early 1950s (Cold War) with President Eisenhower

Alliance has made several unsuccessful attempts to bring down Cabal

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