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Robert David STEELE Vivas

The Future Can Be Shaped with Evidence-Based Dialog

Russian International Affairs Council

I always enjoy visiting the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), and most recently read “Entering 2019: Challenges and Opportunities,” by President Igor Ivanov of RIAC, himself also former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (1998–2004). I agree with everything he writes, particularly the incapacity of the United Nations “system,” the importance of national sovereignty as a building block for peace, and the lack of any sustainable foundation for global management.

What he does not do, perhaps deliberately given that President Vladimir Putin is now and will always be the senior intelligence officer in Russia, is address the fundamental fact that it is the failure of intelligence in the USA and Russia particularly, in China and Iran with confidence, and in Western Europe with malice aforethought – there intelligence is about chaos and false flag operations and facilitating the smuggling of drugs, guns, gold, cash and migrants including small children, all for profit by the few – that has left the ships of state adrift at sea and often high on the rocks, their keels broken.

I differ from President Igor Ivanov, who credits Europe with being a recognized leader of multilateral diplomacy, and I enthusiastically agree with his emphasis on the need “for preserving national traditions, culture, specific economic, social, and cultural models” distinct from Western examples.

What needs to be said is that the European leaders sold their countries out in taking massive bribes on the occasion of the Barcelona Agreement in 1995, to embrace unlimited illegal immigration to the North by unemployed Muslim men and to a lesser extent, their families. I consider Merkel, Macron, and May to be the most corrupt Western leaders on the planet, each long overdue for dismissal from office. Each leads a “system” that institutionalizes state corruption in favor of the 1% against the needs of the 99%.

What also needs to be said, and this is the primary purpose of my writing today, is that as long as we tolerate lies as the currency for both public and private diplomacy, as long as we permit very expensive secret intelligence communities to get away with providing “at best” 4% of what a President needs to know and nothing for everyone else, we will be no better than the wild children in Lord of the Flies.

There are three points I would offer to my colleagues across RIAC:

01 China has already beaten the USA in global affairs. Their One Belt One Road strategy focused on trade and controlling the infrastructure of trade has been executed for decades and is certain to be successful going forward EXCEPT for the possibility that indigenous nations might rebel.

02 China and Russia appear to have avoided the mistakes made by the USA, which is spending 60% of its annual disposable federal budget on a US military that is at roughly 40% operational capability and unable to win wars, even against Third World insurgencies.

03 There is one bright shining light in our future, should President Putin choose to bring it up with President Donald Trump and General Secretary Xi Jinping: an Open Source Agency (OSA) capable of achieving all seventeen of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) within 20 years at less than 20% of the cost of the failed Western economic model that is 50% waste and 90% profit for the banks.

The question for Russia, blessed as it is with extraordinary wealth but on a demographic decline that is quite frightening, is this: do we want to prepare to fight the Chinese to protect our Eastern Front which Chinese immigrants are already halfway to the Arctic, or do we want to devise a solution that restocks our lands with Scottish and Danish and South African and Zambian farmers – even American farmers – and others, much as President Putin appears to doing but in very cautious manner?

From where I sit, observing the enormously constructive possibilities of China, Russia, and the USA agreeing to focus on creating a prosperous world at peace, a world that works for all, what is lacking is a common language, common facts, a tapestry of holistic analytics and true cost economics as well as an easily deployable network of Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) micro-factories that can begin creating renewable energy water desalination plants along with the fifty-five pieces in the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS).

It is a sad fact that that uneducated and disengaged public is not going to save itself. This is an existential moment in which “great men” have the power to redirect world affairs. In my view our three great men – Xi, Putin, and Trump – have all been put into power by a mafiya of oligarchs and party leaders only to realize that they must break free of that power base and establish new power bases rooted in educating and then mobilizing the public, toward the day when we can realize the Platonic ideal of a nation’s power being rooted in an educated engaged citizenry.

The OSA, in my humble opinion, should be under discussion among our three great men.

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