SPECIAL: Zionist Influence Is “Third Rail” of US Journalism — Touch It and You Die…

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Newsweek Reporter Calls Reporting on Israel and Jewish Organizations a ‘Third Rail'

The term ‘third rail' refers to the deadly electrified rail on urban trains, implying that Israel-related issues are untouchable for American media

Phi Beta Iota: The 2020 election is going to have a Zionist culpability track that will bring up 9/11, the USS Liberty, and the manner in which Zionist have used bribery, blackmail, and lies as well cyber-espionage to dominate the US economy, US government, and US society.  Since the US mainstream media is so compromised, and #GoogleGestapo (social media) is “owned” by the Zionists, it is very important that we create a truth channel — an alternative to #GoogleGestapo, in 2019. We have broken the Zionist reliance on conflation with Judaism — everyone now understands the difference — Zionism evil, Judaism good.  Ha'aretz agrees with us and we agree with Ha'aretz. America First means NOT Israel First.  We strongly support the Boycott & Divestment movement, and we call for the sanction of all state and federal officials who are betraying the public trust by seeking to make it a felony to criticise Israel, or demand a loyalty oath to Israel in order to qualify for a job or contract.

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