Worth a Look: RED MAFIYA – How the Russian (Zionist) Mob Has Invaded America

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This disturbing, sharply rendered account tells how the post-Communist Russian Mafiya has infiltrated American life with tactical intelligence and a rare level of viciousness. Drawing from interviews with top Russian mobsters and police, journalist Friedman (Zealots for Zion: Inside Israel's West Bank Settlement Movement) trenchantly explores the brutal corruption of the U.S.S.R. and the anarchic greed that has flourished since its collapse, incubating a “criminal colossus that has surpassed the Colombian cartels, the Japanese Yakuzas, the Chinese triads and the Italian Mafia in wealth and weaponry.” Friedman, whose reporting on this subject has appeared in Vanity Fair, the Village Voice and other publications, writes of one wise guy responsible for 100 hits and of “Tarzan”Dthe swaggering Miami mobster busted while attempting to tender a Russian submarine to Colombian drug lords. Friedman documents how the mobsters have imported their brand of terror tacticsDshakedowns, kidnappings, bombings and public assassination.

Below the line: senior intelligence officer on what is not in the book.

Red Mafiya is a great book. I used to have it, might still. Top Red Mafiya man (I forgot his name) but he ran the mob in Chicago and Tony Accardo answered to him. This comes from a high source, very reliable. Accardo's front man was Sam Giancana who handled everything public.

Here what is not in this great book. Israel was set up as a satellite for the Soviet Russian by the City of London Zios using the Balfour Agreement, which had no international legal standing at all. Soviet and Israeli Intel were completely entwined and Israel was set up to run interference and keep the Arabs fighting (divide and conquer British style) for the large Oil Corps, which the 3rd Reich Nazis had  bough a lot of stock in wit their stolen art, jewels and gold. This eventually created a working relationship and truce between the Israeli Intel and the 4th Reich Nazis who were both created by the City of London Rothschild Satanic Pedophile Banksters (Babylonian Talmudics, with no Hebrew Blood at all).

So when the Soviet union fell in 1991 because of Operation Stillpoint and Lee Wanta's incredible work under President Reagan also authorized by William Casey, the common “Triple Citizen” spy network common to Russia and Israel remained intact. This means that all NSA raw feed downloads to Israel are immediately transferred to the Russian Federation, thus a major breech in US National Security few know about.

Triples are Russian, Israeli and American citizens who use a number or aliases and have diplomatic immunity in all three nations. They have 3 piece suit men and some of the most violent low life drug dealers and scum who run brothels and sex and organ trafficking world wide one could ever imagine. Putin hates them and has the same trouble with them the USA does.

They are the world's biggest parasites and are secular only although sometimes playing orthodox Judaic roles to con and control many wealthy Jews. Every time LE moves in they claim anti-Semitism although they are not Semites but Khazarian, Ashkenazi with NO Hebrew Blood at all. They view all humans except themselves as vermin, deserving to be parasitized, abused, organ stripped and murdered. These scum have no souls and would have a hard time proving they are actually human. Specific DNA testing is appropriate and they need to have indictments issued and be hunted down anywhere they are and be charged under RICO and anti-terror laws since they stage so many FF events. Some insiders being that they control our congress and the Pentagon and all of DC through human compromise, AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC.

FBI leadership is afraid to deal with this because it will place their careers in immediate jeopardy, the Global power and reach of the Red Mafiya goes so high (right to the top). They are as afraid of investigating the Red Mafiya as they are of investigating the international satanic pedophile network that was (and is still) used by the CIA to entrap so many DC politicians (Franklin Cover up and White House Page Boy scandal human compromise operations are tip of the iceberg). These two organizations appear to merge at the top of their hierarchies. I investigated claims of an informant in my city about this group and found them all true. These scum control most judges who are afraid of them. Folks who investigate this are accused of being anti-Semites, and good Jews who do so are usually shunned by other Jews.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I have bought the book and will review it soon. I continue to believe that the FBI is a theatrical agency with no serious counterintelligence capability in part because it has been politically neutered by a two-party tyranny that has been bought and paid for. #UNRIG Election Integrity Act — and presidential pardons for every Member that gives up, in detail, every person bribing and blackmailing them, is in my view a non-negotiable first step toward restoring the US Constitution and America the Beautiful. I continue to favor a Truth & Reconciliation policy — exit strategies are offered, no tolerance on US soil once past that point. I agree that our President has had issued with these people in the past.  So has President Vladimir Putin, Together with General Secretary Xi Jinping they can put an end to both the Deep State and its enforcers.

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