Yoda: HR 24 & HR 25 – End the Fed, End the IRS


House Republicans Submit Bills To Audit The Fed & Abolish IRS

Tim Brown

The Washington Standard

House Republicans have submitted two pieces of legislation for the new session of Congress.  Two of them are vitally important in bringing down the beast of the federal government.  One of the bills is a resubmission to audit the Federal Reserve to pave the way for abolishing it.  The other seeks to completely abolish the Internal Revenue Service.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The Federal Reserve is a private banking cabal that is screwing the US public. The tax code is how Congress creates toll booths to enrich itself and extort money from corporations and bribes from those who get a 900% return on investment from bribing Members of Congress.  Both the Fed and the IRS need to be shut down.  Public banks as advocated by Ellen Brown, and the Automated Payment Transaction Tax as advocated by Edgar Feige, are the logical public interest alternatives.

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