SPECIAL: Is Alex Jones Being Bribed or Blackmailed Into Playing Dead for Sandy Hook False Flag Lawsuit?

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Families of Sandy Hook shooting victims win legal victory in lawsuit against InfoWars, Alex Jones

Phi Beta Iota: This was not a legal victory at all, merely a rejection of Alex Jone's fluffy legal response seeking to dismiss the lawsuit.The truth is an absolute defense — Jone's lawyers may be working for someone other than Jones and setting him up for a fall. What he should have done is welcomed the lawsuit and immediately sought to depose every family and do discovery on every family going back two years before Sandy Hook occurred, to include every communication and every financial transaction.

Given the number of unanswered questions about Sandy Hook, and what we now know about 9/11, the public should be concerned about the likelihood that Alex Jones is being bribed or blackmailed to “take the fall” on Sandy Hook when in fact he is on very strong ground and could make history by  tearing the official narrative apart with this gift of a lawsuit. Alex Jones could learn from James Fetzer.

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