Zionism Strike 28: 88 Members of the House of Representative Suck Up to Zionist Israel and Demand an Ambassador Censor to Monitor Criticism of Zionist Apartheid Genocidal Israel, a Mafia State

07 Other Atrocities, 08 Wild Cards, Officers Call

 House Bill Forces Trump to Nominate “Anti-Semitism Envoy” Who Would Monitor Criticism of Israel

The position of anti-Semitism envoy was created in 2004 over the objections of the State Department, which said it wasn’t needed. It was urged by Israeli Minister for Diaspora Affairs Natan Sharansky, who had formulated a new definition of anti-Semitism that includes criticism of Israel.

Alison Weir

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Phi Beta Iota: Zionist Israel is a mafia state, and not to be confused with either the good people of Israel who hate their criminal masters, or Judaism.

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