Help Sought: Need $2,500 for Web Services & Computer Updates

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Help if you can.  Defending the web sites now requires a 24/7 webmaster on retainer, and it is working. The database needs to be upgraded, doubling in price. because PBI is a reference web site with over 25,000 posts and close to 40,000 images, all on 100% recall, nothing is archived. Thank you for anything you can do.  I continue to march and I believe that 2019-2020 will see us advance on three fronts: truth channel, #UNRIG election integrity (not the mockery that Democrats have proposded with HR 1), and exposing elite pedophilia & Satanism.

Send email for mail address or Coinbase (BitCoin, Ethereum) donations:

robert.david.steele.vivas AT gmail DOT com will remain free with no ads, always. My life’s work remains free online at We will enhance,, and as funds become available.

I am considering a new subscription service, a Public Daily Brief, similar to the President’s Daily Brief but better because it is holistic and can be shared. Here is a sample (below). Would this be worth $11 a month?

Offers three services:

01 a pre-screened database of truthful results covering threats, policies, and countries, that can be searched

02 a daily “dashboard” for hits on 10 threats, 12 policies, 8 countries (generally three each for a total of 90 hits

03 my weekly summary that had over 6,000 subscribers until my overseas analyst died with no heirs and took my investment with him.


Email me your thoughts, please.

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