Caitlin Johnstone: Six Thoughts on Bernie Sanders 2020 [PBI: Sheepdog 2.0]

Cultural Intelligence

Six Thoughts On Bernie 2020

  1. The DNC can still rig its primaries.
  2. Sanders would be better than Trump.
  3. He would also be far from perfect.
  4. I won’t object to his candidacy.
  5. Your fantasy Bernie-Tulsi ticket isn’t going to happen.
  6. Sanders is more interesting as a phenomenon than as a candidate.

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Phi Beta Iota: Sanders is inherently dishonest and a poser.  He has never been anything more than a Democratic sheepdog pretending to be Independent. He was complicit in the obvious theft of 13 primaries by Hillary Clinton and every Democrat should clearly understand that it was this complicity combined with the odiousness of Hillary Clinton as a candidate that cost them the election. Caitlin also makes the fundamental mistake of focusing on candidates rather than constituencies.  After Trump the candidates that will win are the candidates that unite competing constituencies to focus on #UNRIG – Unity through Integrity – Election Reform Act (Proposed).  People not Parties — Authentic, Inclusive, Truthful.  Coming soon  to a country near you.

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