Michael Bloomberg’s Secret Plans to Take Down Trump

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Michael Bloomberg’s Secret Plans to Take Down Trump

Whether or not he runs for president, the former New York City mayor is building the most powerful political organization in America.

The team wants to collect data about voters on an unprecedented scale, match those data with consumer data, and then hire a team of engineers to do high-level analyses, looking for new ways to identify potential voters, and new ways to appeal to them. They want to match voter data to consumer information and social-media profiles, and look for new ways to break through.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: As a son of New York, I have always liked Mike Bloomberg, and there was a time when I thought he might actually have a shot but he has three strikes against him today:

01 the Democratic Party is toast and he cannot win as an Independent absent #UNRIG – Election Integrity Act;

02 he’s shot himself in the head twice, one on gun control and again on the demonization of marijuana;

03 he is Jewish, and no Jew can win in 2020 because Zionism (not to be confused with Judaism) is going to take a massive hit for 9/11;

What Bloomberg has going for him is the combination of wealth and integrity and intelligence that others — including Howard Schultz — cannot muster. If Bloomberg were to focus on fundamentals in 2019 — converting HR 1 which is a fraud that dieboldizes congressional district boundaries and sets the stage for non-citizens to vote into #UNRIG – Election Reform Act; then he might find himself being the savior of the Republic honored in the post-Trump era as the man who brought 100% of our eligible voters back into the system.

Educating those voters with a truth channel — the exact opposite of #GoogleGestapo and the Zionist-controlled Mainstream Media (MSM) — is the other half of the long-term solution for America the Beautiful.

As a grace note I anticipate that 22 million veterans angry about endless elective wars as a profit center for the Deep State, will be organized by a Military Political Action Committee that will go toe to toe with the US Chamber of Commerce and AIPAC among others.

Mayor Bloomberg and those advising him are delusional on their ability to do data mining beyond the current 1% of 1%; on their ability to craft “incentives” that mobilize voters inactive eligible voters in favor of one half of the dead bird we have now — two wings, same crap — and delusional in thinking that any Democrat, whether alleged pedophile Joe Biden or closet Zionist and confirmed 1%’r Mike Bloomberg can defeat Donald Trump who apart from economic successes unheralded by the MSB but appreciated by the public, also has multiple other initiatives soon to be announced, and a a$100 million war chest to boot.

#UNRIG — election integrity — is root.  Everything else is noise.

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