Stephen E. Arnold: Palantir Devalued, Automated Hate Speech Not Working

IO Impotency
Stephen E. Arnold

Bloomberg Continues to Needle Palantir Technologies

All seven mutual funds that own Palantir shares have slashed the value of their holdings since their 2015 high of $11.38. SP Investments Management values Palantir at $7.87 a share as of September, the most recent data available. Morgan Stanley’s mutual funds have decreased prices seven times in three years, to $2.49.

Hate Speech Detection

Researchers from the Aalto University in Finland analyzed hate detection tools. They discovered that none of the tools could agree on what qualifies as hate speech and that they are stupid. The hate detection tools were easily fooled with typos and letter substitution. Humans are still needed to interpret the true meaning of words and their context.

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