ADMIN: Tip of the Hat to YouTube for Finally Taking Down Thieves

IO Impotency
Robert David STEELE Vivas

Thank you all for your many emails.  YouTube did NOT take down “my” channel. At my insistence, backed up by a very credible threat to file a federal lawsuit against them, they finally took down three channels that were stealing my identity, stealing my living performances exclusive to others, violating copyright, and practicing deception including the manipulation of my words and image to convey false messages. YouTube has a SYSTEM-WIDE PROBLEM — this is being done to hundreds of others.  Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Viet-Nam particularly, have figured out how to monetize clips with click-bait titles.  As I pointed out to YouTube, they were complicit in this financial fraud and I would hold them accountable in federal court, seeking $5M in damages.  They finally understood I was serious and took appropriate action.

The same entrepreneurs have quickly created other channels, I expect YouTube will eventually figure out how to stop this automatically.  The only real authorized interviews with me can be seen via the below directory:

Authorized Audio-Visual Interviews with Robert David Steele

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