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IO Impotency
Berto Jongman

Trump proposes a government-run TV news network to counter CNN

Assembling (Non)Knowledge: Security, Law, and Surveillance in a Digital World

Weaponising news: RT, Sputnik and targeted disinformation

Phi Beta Iota: Bill Shine does not know what he does not know.  All this tells us is that the President understands that Fox is not doing the job and Hannity is owned by the Zionists and never going to do what needs to be done on 9/11. The academics are stupid and the secret world is largely worthless — still processing 1% of what it collects which is in turn 1% of what is known and relevant.  King’s College remains a second-string sychophant to the secret world, desperately wanting to be relevant to the losing proposition that news from anywhere other than the approved UK and US channels is disinformation. We need a 100% scrub of the education, intelligence, and research worlds, and a 70% reduction in their budgets and personnel.  It appears that this is not something President Trump is capable of so it will have to be a 2024 election issue.

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