Election 2020 – Week to 17 MAR 2019

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Sunday, 17 March 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Trump refuses to engage the 73% that did not vote for him, relying on doing more of what he did last time with no new thinking, he could still lose to the right team with the right message — no one now running can lead that team or deliver that message. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump continue to be huge negatives as long as they remain employed in the White House with security clearances.  Trump's continued engagement in foreign wars and support for Zionist Israel could reduce his base but be partially offset by “Jexodus” (Jews leaving Democrats). Trump is breaking the bank on defense (which is 50% waste and cannot win wars, even veterans see this as criminally insane). Patrick Buchanan is emerging as a giant voice for America's heartland. The fight will be between nationalist populism and globalist populism — between hold the line (keep our values) and anything goes (let them all in). Trump's tagging of the Democrats as crazy socialists is working. Kamela Harris is early leader, could end up as VP to Hickenlooper.  Biden-Adams is so luducrous as to inspire pity for Biden. Democratic civil war (progressives versus moderates) could favor Trump if he broadens his outreach beyond his base — if Trump presses for #UNRIG he unifies and mobilizes.  Who is blocking this in the White House? The enemy within — and Trump's fear of losing.

Candidates. If Biden runs pedophilia stories will run wild. If the race is about Trump and his intimates and their flaws, instead of accomplishments, he could lose to the right combination of Democratic class and substance. Kamela Harris is being given the nod for now, we see Hickelooper-Harris as the logical ticket most likely to beat Trump absent his getting a black female VP. If Harris is the candidate Trump wins easily. Sanders-Harris is  too easy to mock dead.

Down-Ticket Impact. Trump's  tagging of the Democrats as crazy socialists is working — at the Congressional District level this could help the Republicans take back the House. Both wings of the two-party tyranny are divided — on the left lunatic progressives versus moderates, on the right moderates versus Deep State Zionist shills and Republicans in Name Only (RINO).

Demographics. Middle class, Independents, small parties right of center (e.g. Constitution, Libertarian particularly) continue to be ignored by the President while the Democratic Party ignores Greens and Independents. #UNRIG election reform (not the HR 1 scam put forward by Pelosi that sets stage for illegals and children to vote) are the foundation for engaging all of these.

Fake News. New York Times continues to spread the lies about Trump Movement being rooted in racism and white supremacy rather than 99% against the 1%, Main Street against Wall Street, fly-over country against the perverts in California and New York.

Impeachment. Inevitable as a proposition in the House, will piss a lot of people off and help Trump, will not pass in the Senate UNLESS Trump allows his morons including Kushner, Bolton, and Pompeo, to wage proxy war on Iran.

Issues. Trump can win on healthcare (cutting costs) instead of Democratic solution of over-priced crap for all. Warren has a huge issue where Trump has failed to act responsibly: regulation #GoogleGestapo as platform utilities. Sanders is on to something with his attack on factory farming aka Big Agriculture (as in absentee landlord displacing farming families and killing farming communities).

Technology. All electronic voting systems remain compromised. Having DARPA create an open source alternative is one down from stupid. Like Boeing and the 737, our President has it right: sometimes you should NOT substitute technology for human skill and integrity.

Zionist Influence on USA. Netanyahu doubles down on apartheid, helps US public see Zionism for the evil that it is — Israel First Candidates are going to be exposed and particularly held accountable for voting to make it a felony to criticize Israel by calling for a boycott.

Big Picture

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Harris has the demographic advantage of her race and gender, she’s not old or stale, she speaks to Democratic voters’ desire for someone who can take on Donald Trump on his own blunt, emotional terms, and she’s willing to stake out dramatic left-wing positions. Harris is the candidate most likely to fill multiple lanes at once, and only Biden rivals her odds of putting the nomination away relatively early.

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People are “monetizing” emotions, he said, causing “entertainment wings” of each party that focus on emotional responses rather than the merits of their parties.  PBI Take-Away: Truth Channel up, CNN & Fox into the toilet.

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