Gordon Duff: The End of Trump? Robert Steele: Why Not the End of Bushes & Clintons? + RECAP UPDATE 1: NYPD Repudiation of Duff Article


Blockbuster: The Secret Cohen Investigation, Why the Public Only Got “the Sideshow”

It’s not about Cohen. It’s not even really about Trump. It’s about bringing the whole gang down from A to Z, including all those that helped and protected them. The US security orgs will have some soul searching to do.

Semion Mogilevich  –  Felix Sater  – Sheldon Adelson  – Benjamin Netanyahu

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Also by Gordon Duff:  Trump’s ties to Mossad/CIA Pedophile Ring

UPDATE 1: NYPD Repudiation of Article

Detective Jim Rothstein, NYDP (Ret) completely repudiates Gordon Duff's accounts as both speculative and exaggerated. and not in any way based on personal access to people in NYC with whom Detective Rothstein had regular face to face contract — including Roy Cohn.

As Detective Rothstein  tells it, there is a huge difference between the real world, where cash buys more than a check and is the common currency; and the mob gets things done (“its just business”) that others cannot get done (such as the rapid clean-up of the 9/11 site) — and the accusatory world that sees wrong-doing behind every move. 

Detective Rothstein, who worked the elite pedophilia beat for NYPD, gives Trump a totally clean bill of health.. 

On the matter of smuggling, Detective Rothstein points out that the idea of a billionaire using his personal aircraft to smuggle anything is ludicrous because of the downside — it is so easy for everything to be smuggled by others way down the chain, that this would simply not make business sense.

Detective Rothstein said that he bets there are a bunch of people in New York laughing about this. Others are telling me this is a Clinton hit piece, plain and simple. I have no direct knowledge but on balance, I think this article should be read in two ways: first, as an example of what the Deep State narrative is going to be from now to 2020; and second, as  an incentive for the President to move faster and more publicly with arrests and other initiatives that we have all wanted to see since he was elected.

Detective Rothstein concluded his call to me by pointing out that the Grand Jury on human trafficking is about to report out and Trump will, in his view, be vindicated in the end, both personally and with many public arrests & trials.

We the People want evil-doers locked up, not serving the White House. Jared Kusher is the touchstone for Trump's failure, in the public's eye, to deal with evil in a direct constructive manner.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: This is the single most damning overview of the many ways in which Donald Trump can be brought down.

I think he will survive this, in part because we have so much more on the Bushes and the Clintons that they will inevitably lose everything if this witch hunt is allowed to go on.  Gordon does, however, raise very important points about the failure of the US Government to deal with what is called the Red Mafiya — the integrated Russian – Israeli – American crime family, the most powerful in the world.

From where I sit, our President is the best thing that could have happened for America the Beautiful, in that his election, by accident as well as by divine Providence, has shaken the Deep State to its core. It was Allen Dulles at CIA and J. Edgard Hoover, the pedophile founding director of the FBI, who pioneered the use of the US Government as a shell for international legalized crime. It was LBJ first, and then GHW Bush with Dick Cheney, and then Bill and Hillary Clinton, who make massive obvious crimes the foundation for their presidential tenures — they, not Donald J. Trump — are the gold standard for Presidential crime.

I share with all American patriots a great frustration at the combination of hubris (bringing King Jared and First Daughter into the White House), weakness (letting the ZioCons control our national security policy to go against Cuba, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela), and ignorance (tolerating a shit staff that is incapable of helping make our President the greatest president ever) that have characterized the Trump Administration to date, its considerable successes notwithstanding.

In some ways, I believe that God is hitting Donald Trump hard because Trump has refused to pay attention to his loyalists who have been crying out, pleading for him to focus on the 99% and fulfill all of his promises. This “bad news” is a necessary first step to getting the President to FOCUS. And that is good news.

If the President is to survive all of this, he needs to immediately:

01 Dismiss Jared Kushner and John Bolton from the White House

02 Move First Daughter to an office adjacent to  the First Lady and forbid her from ever again attending a policy meeting — she is a surrogate, nothing more

03 Expel the press from the White House and repurpose that space into:

—  National Prayer Office

— Strategy Advisory Group

— Trump Studio

— President”s Own Open Source Decision-Support Unit

04 Present Congress with #UNRIG Unity for Integrity Act

05 Arrest Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton

06 Take decisive public steps against the Red Maifya

07 Barnstorm the country with Cynthia McKinney and a few others


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