Robert Steele: Michael Cohen Lying on Two Counts (Maybe Many More) UPDATE 1: 67% Do Not Believe Cohen

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

The following headline is the first of two counts in which Michael Cohen has destroyed his credibility as a witness.

Why 1 simple lie by Michael Cohen could invalidate his entire testimony

There’s more.

It is my privilege to know Detective Jim Rothstein, NYPD (Ret), who is a Commissioner with me for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse.

When Michael Cohen testified that Donald Trump was constantly asking the mob to whack people for him, I believed him to be a liar.  Detective Rothstein has confirmed my evaluation. He has told me that Trump was and is considered a man of his word among politicians, bankers, and within the mob (you cannot get cement moved and buildings built in NYC without mob complicity). He also told me that anyone like Trump who asked the mob to whack someone for them would themselves be whacked.

The President will survive this.


Cohen Accused Of Perjury, Making “Numerous Willfully And Intentionally False Statements” During Testimony

UPDATE1: 67% Do Not Believe Cohen

The Hill: Poll finds 37 percent found Cohen testimony credible

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