Tony Shaffer with J. B. Wells: The Weaponization of Language (Video)

Cultural Intelligence

Alert Reader provides an excellent text summary below the fold.

Weaponized language and how words are used to psychologically influence and control us, the decent, unsuspecting, caring, emotional people. It is a set-up and there is a method and a system behind it:

1) Clinton and her constant “fair”, “fairness”, “we must be fair”: dividing by pointing to those who succeed better by working harder, as responsible for those who live in a trailer and drive a beat-up Kia because, maybe, making a ton a money was never their goal in life. Create shame in the Kia owner by insisting on his never having had a “fair chance” and you’ll control him;

2) “Protected classes”: individuals who are allegedly put upon in society for lifestyle choices (gays, lesbians). Having “protected classes” allows to control them by instilling in them a sense of victimization. Government wants protected classes to rob them of their own, individual power by insisting on their perceived victimization;

3) “Common sense gun control”: gun control is about… control. Guns don’t jump on their own to shoot at people and yet, we need “common sense gun control”. It is as ridiculous as stating that criminals will follow the law IF guns are confiscated. The problem with it is that, in all the recent shootings (false flags), the perpetrator had been on psychotropic drugs for a long time and was known to the authorities. And yet, guns are the problem and confiscating them is the answer;

4) “We have to be working toward a more generous world (Obama)”. Generous to whom? Why? How? What did that even mean? They want people to feel guilty for not giving enough of themselves and of their hard-earned money. For wanting to keep their own money and decide how to use it. And yet… no one in Hollywood is known for having open his house wide to all aliens and partaken of his/her wealth. They tell us how we should feel and behave. Do as I say…

5) “You didn’t build that” (Obama): well… actually, we all did over centuries, with our taxes. We all own it; allow us to decide who does and doesn’t use it, shall you?

6) “Norms” as in… “We don’t want to go against foreign policy norms (Macron)”. What norms? From the dawn of humanity, norms have been the same ones: you attack, we defend, the better and stronger wins, there are wars, battles, treaties, those are the “norms”. “Quick, 72-hour incursion into Libya (Obama)” which lasted… eight months. What were the “norms” for that? Well, it is not a norm per se but it is, in a liberal perspective shoved down people’s throat as a norm. Nothing normal about any of it but we, the common people, must absorb it as “normal”. Completely against the Constitution but… who cares? It is the liberal foreign policy “norm”;

7) The Kavanaugh hearing was all about using incendiary vocabulary to indirectly attack President Trump’s choice of a judge. There was no “sexual” assault. There may have been an assault, someone may have put his hand over Blasey-Ford’s mouth but there was no “sexual” assault. Only a misdemeanor assault. “Sexual” assault gave it MSM emotional drama;

Shaffer goes into “global warming”, “ice age”, “peak petroleum”, the environmental movement and money-versus-science and many other subjects with catch-all MSM weapon words and how language is being used as a weapon.

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