Zero Hedge: American Farm Debt Reaches 1980’s Crisis Levels — Ag Suicides Twice Vet Suicides — If Farms Go Down Guns Go Up…

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American Farm Debt Reaches 1980s Crisis Levels: Agriculture Secretary

Alert Reader says:

Just an up-date from Zero Hedge. add to that the suicide rate of farmers is double that of veterans, and the average age of a farmer is 63. My opinion, when the farms go down – the guns will come up. As I said, with food we can solve virtually any problem, without – none. No food = No United States. Cut the supply chain and no enemy can survive. The Just in Time Delivery system is simple to collapse. There is only 1 solution, and that one is being ignored.

Solution & Analysis of Soviet Situation Below the Fold.

The solution is

To create a critical mass of small sustainable farms throughout the country, thus removing the dependability on Just in Time Delivery and rebuilding Americas regional Food Sheds. This creates a minimum amount of food produced to sustain life within 30 miles of regional populations centers. 80-20 Rule. 20% is produced locally.

To create the Sustainable Farms requires a Change of Paradigm in investment physiology for Americans.

I can only think of 2 ways,

1) get the billionaires involved (for a few reasons)

2) change the tax law. That should be possible with an Executive Order and in 1 day. Which means both you and I are trying to influence Trump. The US already has a structure to do this – just look at the Corn Ethanol structure. Billions from the private sector went into this field of production. Yes it is a disaster from the energy side. But the investors are making a profit because of tax structure put in by Bush Sr.

If we change the tax structure so an investment in a Sustainable Farm yields a competitive ROI for the Investors by tax write offs, then we will see a huge amount invested by the private sector throughout the country. Simply define what qualifies as “Sustainable Farm” to qualify for the tax write-off.

We can design the Sustainable Farm so it can withstand an EMP and grid down event (and other major Threats) and continues to produce food when the country is in crisis. Simple to do, and I have done the design. We have the technology, so it is simply getting the money to invest.

So we create a National Sustainable Food Grid using the tax system.

One more point. It is obvious the US Dollar has to be devalued at some point. If we can get the tax law changed first, then we get investors to exchange strong Dollars for Sustainable Food Production Equipment & Facilities while the dollar is still strong. When the dollar revalues, the tax write offs become moot – but we have created a food production safety net.

If we have food and sustainable food production, we can withstand an EMP, a Financial Collapse, a Pandemic, a Cyber Attack, ect. as our regional centers are protected.

With Food we can solve virtually all problems. So let us create the structure to guarantee food production.

Also needed are removal of administrative barriers by the FDA, EPA, BLM, IRS, ect. (Bush's henchmen)

All of this takes time and we do not have it. It looks like we have 3 to 4 years before something happens.

Create the Short Term Solution, then create the Long Term solution.

The “End Around” is an EO from the President creating the short term solution.

We can take all existing farms (Big & Small) and make the 80% Sustainable in less then 6 months with proper investment.

This seems to be a battle between Corporate Fascism and true Capitalism. We want to get the production of food back into the hands of the people.

Soviet Peaceful Collapse

Why was the Soviet Collapse peaceful? 300 million people and within 1
week there was no Federal government, no currency, no guidance, no
pensions, ect. Nobody had a game plan. Disorganized peaceful chaos.

There seems to be some reasons

1) There was never a society fear of starvation. While shipping
collapsed, and the kolkhoz farm system collapsed, there was food. Local
kolkhoz where relatively small and regionally located. And most slowly
died, so they still produced for a while.

2) the collapse happened in November, so the harvest was already in for
the year. So they had food storage which gave time for the restart.

3) The west convinced Yeltsin (G-24 grants) to back the Soviet Ruble for
2 years until new currencies where put in place. So there was a exchange
system that continued, although it had staggering inflation.

4) 90% of former Soviets had a Datcha that could produce up to 70% of
the families yearly food. We would know this as a Victory Garden. 20
years later my mother-in-law at the age of 80 still farms her datcha.
That also means 90% of the people had skills to grow food.

5) The majority of people believed life would get exponentially better.
Life during the Soviet period was extremely tough, so many thought they
were at the bottom and freedom was now here and life would get better.

6) There was not any destructive forces trying to create revolution.

Compare that to America now. If we have a collapse, no food, no food
storage, no food production, no food delivery, no currency. Life will
exponential and physiologically get much worse (not including 30% are on
meds). And doubtful there will be any temporary solution for a collapsed
dollar so what will we use as an exchange system?

Oh, and one other thing you should be aware of. When the Soviet Union
collapsed it meant the Soviet Corporation over the 18 countries
collapsed. Everything owned by the Corporation was up for grabs.
Possession being 9/10ths of the law. Who owned the Soviet Nuclear
Weapons if the old owner no longer existed?

Ukraine then became the 3rd most powerful Nuclear power in the world.
That was a real “Change the Underwear day”. Russia and the US responded
and bought back the weapons, well rumored most where bought back.

And of course the Rothschilds and Rockefellers sent in money to buy up
assets cheap. Look who funded Khodorkovsky. It was corporate raiding on
a continent size.

There are 2 other Large Unions similar to the Soviet Union. That is the
European Union, and the Union of States – ie United States. It looks
like it would behoove corporate raiding families to cause the collapse
of these Unions as their assets would be up for grabs, while everybody
else is in chaos.

So a big question. Who owns the United States Nuclear arsenal? If the US
Corporation sitting over the 50 states collapses, who will own the
nukes? The US military will no longer exist, so who will control?

Would that mean that if some nukes where in California than Gov Jerry
Brown (or his predecessor) would control them? That could be a “Change
the Underwear day”.

Just something to think about.

It gives a good reason to change the investment paradigm on Sustainable
Small Farms.

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