Benjamin Fulford: Zionists Being Slammed Down, Trust the Plan — Comment by Robert Steele Including Reference to Global Currency Reset

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Attempts to start Muslim/Christian warfare backfire on Zionists

The recent massacre of Sri Lankan Christians plus attacks on churches and mosques have turned into a fatal mistake for the Zionists, multiple sources confirm.  In reaction, the U.S. Department of Defense is handling background checks to root out Israeli dual citizens, agents, assets, and sayanim (Hebrew for “helpers”), Pentagon sources say.   . . .     Pentagon sources say “The Jew York Times” was forced to publish the following editorial cartoon:

“The NYT International Edition and German dachshund is another dog whistle to Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world after Sri Lanka that Zionism=terrorism,” the Pentagon sources explain.  The sources added, “Trump is not so blind,” and “any Trump outrage is just kabuki theater, as the military intelligence community, patriots, and Europe post-Notre Dame have had it with Israel.”

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Other highlights include Israel leaving the Golan, the nationalization of the Central Banks of ASEAN starting with Japan and Malaysia, and the two-track global currency reset.  I value what Ben Fulford does, and recommend his weekly subscription newsletter to one and all.

This next week should see the Global Currency Reset (GCR) completed, which will place no less than one trillion dollars into the US economy via over 5,000 bottom-up citizen-investor networks with just two orders: hire people, build new stuff.

It is now known that President Donald Trump is acutely aware of how pissed-off his base is about the Zionists, his being two-faced on the subject of the Second Amendment, the lack of visible arrests and invited deaths, and 5G as well as vaccines that sterilize and mentally debilitate.

The 4th of July is now being touted as “the end of the beginning” of the Deep State Zionist termination, with the President beginning his re-election campaign in earnest in February 2020.

#UNRIG Unity for Integrity may have to wait for after re-election because it would negate the President's dominance in the campaign donation arena. While I do not agree — it would be better to win within an unrigged system rather than by leveraging the rigged system — and it would make the President stronger if he won with Cynthia McKinney or Carol Mosely Braun as his Vice President (no one will take Tulsi Gabbard or Nikki Haley seriously, both are in the bimbo class) and a coalition cabinet that included Democrats, Libertarians, a token Green and someone from Working Families — I have done all I can on this front at this time and now we wait. I am trusting the plan.

What we **can** do between now and Election Day is spend some of that bottom-up money creating a national truth channel and new social information ecology that cannot be censored, manipulated, or used to digitally assassinate (de-platform) the voices of truth — COMBINED WITH a massive (MASSIVE) class action lawsuit against Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube that is planned (world-wide but mostly in the USA), along with a roll-out of their replacements in the context of Web 3.0 that is off the cloud — dispersed among all active devices — and also complete with tools for thinking — all eighteen of the CATALYST functions — connected to true cost economic information, using Thin Thread as the engine.

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I personally hope that the President's plan includes, in addition to the eradication of the Zionists (not to be confused with Jews, most of whom repudiate Zionism as genocidal and odious), a massive racketeering investigation of Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube, all controlled by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Zionist secret police. All accounts terminated by those enemies of the public should be restored, and a new regime honoring both the First Amendment and Title 7 put in place, while the rest of us build the inevitable follow-on to #GoogleGestapo, Web 3.0.

Delusional, some will say. What some forget is that I have a nuclear Rolodex built up over forty years, and that in today's blockchain environment, with a billion dollars earmarked, I can build stuff in weeks that took Microsoft, Google, and more recently Amazon, years to build.

Ethics is an operating system.  Combine what I know with ethics and money and you have triumph for We the People, such  that by 2022 I can guarantee an honest Congress that cannot be bought, and by 2024 a presidency that is about people, not parties, authentic, inclusive, and truthful.

President Trump falls short on the last two right now. I pray that his plan will enable him to mobilize the 70% who are now disenfranchised, perhaps with a promise of #UNRIG election reform in 2020 as his first legislative demand; and to end the Smith-Mundt license to lie (and commit false flag operations) on American soil to the American people.

It would of course be great if the President rolled out a serious Grand Strategy (below is the national security part, the domestic part should focus on localization and the united COUNTIES of America being completely self-sufficient in energy, water, safe good, health, and full employment as well as free non-toxic Internet and unlimited educations information for all.

The truth at any cost lowers all other costs. If the President will do 9/11 disclosure before Election Day, terminate the influence of the Zionists over Congress and our Senior Executive Service now, and commit, authentically commit, to #UNRIG in 2020 after election, I believe he will win in a landslide and America with be greater than ever.

This is not about Trump. This is about truth. The Zionists are the Satanic opposite of everything that We the People hold dear, and until the President takes down the Zionists, to include the firing of Kushner, Bolton, Pompeo, and Abrams, most will believe he is the man in the cartoon below. I think he is the world's greatest actor, and pray that he does not disappoint on this front.

Hats off the the great patriots that made The New York Times do the right thing. An utterly brilliant move beneficial to humanity.  Woof.  Woof.

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