BREAKING: Could Boeing 737 Deaths be Attributed to French Intelligence Malware Attack Intended to Put Boeing Down and Airbus Up?

Commercial Intelligence
Robert David STEELE Vivas

I have had several conversations in the past hour, one of them with a top personality in France, and have concluded that despite the known problems with the Boeing 737, investigators should be looking into the possibility of French intelligence installed malware intended to disable pilot countermeasures (e.g. turn the equipment back on) and assure death.

Pilots around the world are saying:

01 The 737 is an old aircraft with new gadgets and was certified by a corrupt FAA official who used to work for Boeing — it was a known case of government malfeasance.

02 The old aircraft is a fly by wire, not a fully automated aircraft, theory related to the UN and GESARA is still viable but not as remote hijackiing (so I am told — I have no direct knowledge).  This is said to be onboard embedded sabotage.

03 Airbus lost a major contract to Boeing and was in danger of losing more, despite its substantial cost advantages associated with French government subsidies, and in part because Donald Trump has been one of Boeing’s best salesmen behind the scenes.

04 This is not only something that is right down the middle of French intelligence, which has always been about industrial espionage and sabotage to support “national” French companies, but because the Boeing 737 had a known problem, this is the full equivalent of the executions by “heart attack” or “terminal cancer” — the “cause” is seen to be the “pre-existing condition” rather than enemy action.  French elegance at its best.

05 The two chosen targets, the airlines of Indonesia and Ethiopia, presented easy access to the aircraft and lax cyber-security — the malware could be installed and not noticed (sadly this would be true anywhere, but the targets were “third world expendibles” that would not inspire major investigative probing.  The “obvious” cause would be quickly accepted.

06 Not yet explained is how the US Department of State knew to act so aggressively to keep Americans off any airlines landing or taking off in Ethiopia.

I probably have some of the above wrong — lost in translation stuff — but I believe that Boeing should be all over this, and the theory of French intelligence sabotage should be in the mainstream media.

Et tu, Brutus?

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