Caitlin Johnstone: Prosecuting Assange Sets Stage for Silencing All Journalists Comment by Robert Steele on National Security Warrants Compelling Lies

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The Prosecution Of Julian Assange Is Infinitely Bigger Than Assange

As we’ve discussed previously, the prosecution of Assange is really designed to set a legal precedent which will enable the US government to imprison journalists for trying to hold it to account using journalism.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I continue to hope that President Donald Trump is operating in full clever mode, and Assange will be rescued, used to bury the Democratic and bureaucratic law breakers, then pardoned and put into comfortable witness protection.  There are very troubling rumors that Trump's health has taken a turn for the worse, that his dementia is increasing, and the between them Jarvanka and Bolton are running the White House and keeping the Chief of Staff — a decent man of enormous potential — in the dark.

Here is my bottom line and it is my motto: “the truth at any cost lowers all other costs.” America has become a cheating culture, one in which legalized lying — one book title is Licensed to Lie and it refers explicitly to the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation — has become the norm. Worse, the national security state via the DoJ has told the courts that it reserves the right to lie whenever it wishes, and I am personally persuaded that all the domestic false flag events have been papered over by national security warrants that COMPEL all the participants to lie to the public and to investigators or face losses of pensions and life in prison. We have become a police state.

This matters in the bigger scheme of things because the USA is the enforcer for the British Empire and the enabler for Vatican and Zionist evil in all their forms. It is the USA — good people trapped in a bad system led by traitors violating the Constitution with impunity every single day — that is creating poverty, disease, environmental degratation, inter-state conflict, civil war, genocide, other atrocities including human trafficking by US taxpayer funded agencies and contractors, proliferation, terrorism (at home as well as abroad), and of course transnational crime.

It the world is to be set right, the USA must adopt Ron Paul's vision of a foreign policy of peace, friendship, and commerce, we must demilitarizes our police, and we must start telling the truth at every level on every subject.

Caitlin has a point on Assange, but I see the threat as much greater. The Constitution has been buried — we no longer have free speech, censorship has been contracted out to the Zionists and the US Government is complicit in that censorship across both mainstream media and the social media ecology known as #GoogleGestapo.

We are in the fight of our lives. Assange is a speed bump. Trump, if we can keep him alive and operating at full mental capacity, is our ace. If Trump continues to decline between now and 4 July 2019, We the People will have no alternative but to field a new mass movement focused on #UNRIG — Unity for Integrity — demanding the twelve election reforms to be implemented in time for both the Presidential and and Congressional elections in 2020.

Most members of Congress have been bribed and blackmailed into treason. This includes Tulsi Gabbard, whose paper ballots initiative is infantile showmanship — it does not change the other eleven ways in which 70% of the eligible voters are disenfranchised.

I know how to save Donald Trump or replace Donald Trump while eradicating Zionist influence across America.  I am going to pray very hard for Donald Trump between now and the 4th of July.  We have all been divided and conquered for too long, and we are at a tipping point — at the point of losing our ability to be human with intelligence, integrity, and imagination.

The Assimilation nears. We can we human, or we can be cattle.

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