ELECTION 2020 – WEEK to 21 APR 2019

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Sunday, 21 April 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. 5G grows — Romney hits Trump, may challenge — on balance, President may be erratic but it is high-energy erratic and the Democrats continue to look like piss-ants.  WILD CARD: Manchurian Candidate Pete Buttigieg. However, Trump will LOSE any argument that attacks Omar, ignores 9/11 Truth, and continues to cover up for murderous Zionists and Dick Cheney. Trump’s negatives — including tax hit on individuals — keep growing. Ilhan Omar, not AOC, is the centerline of the Democratic future. The Democrats cannot beat Trump — but on his present course, he can be beat by a Republican challenger who unites with a Democratic challenger and a fully announced coalition cabinet committed to fulfilling ALL of Trump’s promises while implementing #UNRIG Unity for Integrity election reform (12 items).

Candidates. Trump continues to have the edge — even The Atlantic thinks so — but major disclosures loom. Odds are good they will favor Trump toward a landslide, but just as easily, if Trump falters and lets the cretins around him (Kushner, for example) twist once too many, someone like Sanders or Hickenlooper could lurch forward.

Bill Weld is not a serious challenger — apart from personal issues he lacks the substance to go  toe to toe with the President, his failed Libertarian spree being but one indication of his marginality.

Buttigieg is a graduate of Harvard University and Oxford University, having attended Pembroke College, Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. From 2007 to 2010 he worked at McKinsey and Company, a management strategy consulting firm.[4] From 2009 to 2017 Buttigieg served as an intelligence officer in the United States Navy.  PBI: Most gay men are not mind-controlled to the extent of a Manchurian candidate, but Buttigieg has had all his tickets punched (pun intended).  This is the wild card — the Deep State’s long term objective of destroying families and communities, creating gender confusion, and zeroing out white people is advanced by an overtly gay man in the White House, particularly one who has been through the Rhodes Scholarship drill. If the media chooses him as the “darling” (pun intended) of the Democratic race, he could well be the chosen stalking horse for Donald Trump, and a mixed blessing. No Democratic candidate to date has come out against 5G and geoengineering and in favor of a holistic election reform act (#UNRIG). Until one does, this is simply not a serious race. Buttigief (and Biden with his pedophilia allegations) will add strength to Bernie Sander’s appeal.

Down-Ticket Impact. Trump’s tax hit on individuals has GOP worried.

Demographics. Trump and his campaign people remain too focused on the base (a good 15% of whom have left due to broken promises) and not on building a broad coalition.  Big mistake.  If Sanders creates a coalition cabinet, denounces 5G and geoengineering, does a 9/11 disclosure event that fries the Zionists and the Republicans (Dick Cheney particularly) that made 9/11 a Made in the USA event, he wins.  If he adds Cynthia McKinny as VP, he wins bigger.

Americans of India heritage (not to be confused with the Native Americans we genocided) are rising in political power, not least because of their financial and intellectual influence across Silicon Valley.  Kamala Harris is the lead but despised by many, while Tulsi Gabbard is the more likeable but also disliked, particularly by the majority who are not Hindu.  Neither will make it — the smart folk in Silicon Valley recognize lightweights when they see them.

Election Reform/Electoral College. 14 states want to override the Constitution and screw over the rural states that are co-equal ONLY if the Electoral College stands.

Fake News.

Impeachment. The extremists continue to pursue impeachment but the reality is that it will never fly, and the Democrats will never get over the Russia collusion witch-hunt.  Elizabeth Warren continues to astonish.

Issues.  Limiting tax deductions on individuals is showing itself to be a painful aspect of the Trump tax law, one he could pay for in 2020.

Kushner Liability. Ivanka Trump in Ethiopia to promote women? Seriously? The only thing worse than sexual bimbo eruptions (Clinton) is incestuous policy bimbo erruptions (Trump).

Technology.  The system is still rigged, twelve different ways, and it will not be fixed in time for 2020 because President Trump does not want it fixed.  He is playing the odds on “his” rigged system beating “their” rigged system.  Not cool at all.  A President with balls would go for broke on the the truth at any cost…and empowering the 70% of our eligible voters who are disenfranchises today.

Voter Fraud.

Zionist Influence on USA.


Big Picture.

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Trump’s Second Term:It’s more likely than most people think—and compared with his first term, its effects would be far more durable.

Three areas—climate change, the risk of a renewed global arms race, and control of the Supreme Court—illustrate the historic significance of the 2020 election. The first two problems will become much harder to address as time goes on. The third one stands to remake our constitutional democracy and undermine the capacity for future change.

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Down-Ticket Impact.

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Election Reform/Electoral College.

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Fake News.


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Voter Fraud.

Zionist Influence on USA.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

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