ELECTION 2020 – WEEK to 7 APR 2019

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Sunday, 7 April 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. #WalkAway is a big deal, bleeding the Democrats, but they have no halfway house such as #UNRIG could give them. Trump will pick up one fifth of what he could if he did #UNRIG. Move to by-pass Electoral College gaining, it is treason, as a safety measure Trump must win popular vote and expose illegal voters in California particularly.  The ignorance of voters who do not understand that we are the United STATES of America is deliberate and has been planned for decades.

Candidates. Number of candidates from the Democratic Party continues to grow while small parties and Independents are simply not represented less Howard Schultz, who is improving but not well read enough for a town hall.Biden is done — more women come forward, eventually the pedo angle will go mainstream. It must be said that it is the Democrats that are killing Biden, not the Republicans.   This is fratricide. Beto is the new favorite for the morons– untested charisma against an incumbent who has never had a majority of the public like him. Sanders will fade in the end.  We continue to predict Hickelooper-Harris and they will lose to the incumbent President. Jake Tapper thinks it is Bernie Sanders and there is a lot to that — but can Bernie actually put together a balanced budget and a coalitiion cabinet? On balance, even with a token Kamela Harris as VP, we think he loses to the incumbent.

Down-Ticket Impact. Seven states have straight-party voting — what can the Presidential candidates to to impact on the other forty-three? Individual targets being chosen, such as Sen. John Cornyn in Texas.

Demographics. Female candidates abound on the left but are largely uninspiring.  We believe Brad Parscale when he says 34% of the Michican Trump Rally attendees were registered Democrats. We also have believed for some time that the black and Latino votes are the President’s to lose — they are not, however, as accessible to the down-ticket candidates. Felons who have completed sentences are a huge demographic — and a two-edged sword if their voting rights are restored (something favored by #UNRIG).

Election Reform/Electoral College. There are some good things in HR 1 (election reform) and some bad things.  It will not be considered in the Senate. The Hill says we should NOT do electoral reform before 2020. We disagree. The President needs an honest Congress representing 100% of the voters, not the 30% owned and operated by the two-party tyranny.  #UNRIG, now!

The Democrats understands that the Electoral College, which protects the voices of the fly-over heartland rural states, is standing in their way. They want to change the Constitution to enable them to win based on the populations in California and New York. This is treason. And in passing, Twitter is now censoring tweets as they are written, that contain the word  treason. The “plan” is to get all “their” states to manipulate state electoral votes to favor the alleged popular vote that includes illegal aliens and many voting twice (particular those resident in New York and Florida, do one absentee and one personal).  This subverts the Constitution without an amendment. It should be fought to the death. If by chance successful, it could lead to the break-up of the USA — the secession from the USA of heartland states.

Tulsi Gabbard introduces act for paper ballots — well-intentioned but just one of twelve needed reforms, the others are viewable in the graphic below.

Fake News. Fake news against the Electoral College has begun. Being tied to slavery.  President lacks a communications team sufficient to this challenge. The top fake  news shits are not Alex “psychosis” Jones but rather all from the mainstream media: John Sipher and Steve Hall (NYT), Joe Scarborough (MSNBC), Joy Behar (The View), Chris Matthews (MSNBC), Aaron Blake (Washington Post), Will Bunch (Philadelphia Inquirer), David Corn (Mother Jones), Chuck Todd (CNN), Carl Bernstein (CNN). They forgot Rachael Maddow (or maybe she paid to be forgotten — no one should deny her first place on the list of scum sucking sacks of shit in betrayal of the public trust. Nor should the various lightweights at Politico, TruthOut, Rolling Stones, and Slate be neglected.  James Comey is so full of shit….still going on about Russia.  It ought to be a crime — treason — to keep on telling the same lie.


Issues. If Trump makes Israel an issue it could bite him in the ass and leave blood trails. See Zionist influence. Immigration is one third e-verify (not enforced), one third border control (Trump), and one third waging peace where they live to keep them there (the point of my book in 2002 but no one wanted to listen then). Trump has a strong foreign policy narrative even if it has a sucking chest wound (Israel). Health care will not be resolved before the election — could this be a mistake by the GOP?

Kushner Liability. Kushner must go.  He is the President’s Judas.

Technology. We predict President Trump will “own” #GoogleGestapo with twin threats of a RICO investigation and a massive class action lawsuit against all of them, while a SuperPAC rolls out comedians that keep Americans in stitches over the B team.

Voter Fraud.

Zionist Influence on USA.

Trump is mis-reading the public on Israel, unless he is being a crafty old devil and planning to throw them under the bus in the final stretch.  Only nine million voters are Jewish (never mind the ones that vote twice, once by absentee ballot and one in person, two different states), and most of them are seeing that Progressive must include Palestine; the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism has gone mainstream and AIPAC is losing on all fronts.

AOC is #1 on the Zionist hit list. For all her flaws, including being an actress selected to play the role of a Member of Congress, she is the diametrical opposite of Nancy “Israel gets our last dollar” Pelosi. We are seriously concerned by the possibility AOC might be physically assassinated.

Ubber Zionist Rahm Emanuel correctly names the three things no Democratic candidate can demonstrate to beat Donald Trump: authenticity, credibility, and viability (we would add two more: inclusiveness and truthfullness.  All fail.


Big Picture.

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Down-Ticket Impact.

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Fake News.

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Kushner Liability.

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Voter Fraud.

Zionist Influence on USA.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

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