Event: Internet Identity Workshop 30 APR – 2 MAY Mountain View CA Organized by Kaliya “Identity Woman” Young & Others

Kaliya Hamlin Young

The Internet Identity Workshop has been finding, probing and solving identity issues twice every year since 2005. We meet in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Every IIW moves topics, code and projects downfield. Name an identity topic and it’s likely that more substantial discussion and work has been done at IIW than any other conference!

IIW is at its heart a participatory conference, it is an Open Space unConference. It has no keynotes or panels, so it’s about getting stuff done!


ROBERT STEELE: I have attended this conference. It is extraordinary.  I cannot overstate the excellence of the “open space” team that makes it easy for all these geniuses to self-organize and produce ten times what would be produced if a pre-planned program were imposed. Kaliya “Identity Woman” Young is the Patrick Henry, Sam Adams, Betsy Ross of the cyber-freedom revolution where individuals are sovereign and cannot be looted as they are today by the existing social ecology. Consider buying the book below (first link) and read the free online posts here (second link).

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