Robert Steele: Quarterly Update & Call for Donations…

Robert David STEELE Vivas

I work full time — seven days a week — on Earth Intelligence Network's three projects — public intelligence, #UNRIG, and supporting the educational non-profit exposure of elite pedophilia through a deliberative and publicity process.

In the time between now and the 2020 election, I will continue doing the Election 2020 weekly report, and have added as the top public education item a focus on 5G as a genocidal, ecocidal Deep State mass control threat that must be SHUT DOWN NOW.

I take no salary — subsisting on room and board provided by a wife who works and social security that I apply to the never-ending supermarket list — but I do have non-profit operational expenses including web services, accounting services, and legal services. Those following the lawsuit against the individuals who destroyed our $500K a year #UNRIG campaign will have noted the recent findings in our favor by the judge, now we move toward a trial.  Justice moves slowly but I was awed by the precision of the most recent court rulings.

It would be most helpful if those of you who have not donated in the past two months were to make a donation.  Every donor gets an email, an optional certificate (which can be gifted for recurring donors) and a substantive email exchange — ask me anything or tell me anything in two rounds.

Thank you.

Report on how I spent money in the past three months:

In the past quarter EIN received roughly $10,000, much of it from a single donor who provided $2,000 in emergency funding for the online security upgrade, and is now providing the $500 monthly retainer for a professional webmaster.

Just over $3,000 was spent completely closing down all existing websites and migrating them to a new international service  with multiple back-ups. We dodged a bullet and should never again have a nine-day denial of service problem as we once did.  Below is a typical morning attack profile that I see (since midnight), the sophistication of the attacks is going up but we are holding.

$2,000 was spent on a professional accounting for an electronic submission to the IRS, we are in perfect status with the IRS as of the 2018 tax year.

Other expenses included $1,435.99 in Internet service provider fees; $765.38 in computer repair and graphics services and inclusive of $300 for a 2018 Commonwealth of Virginia non-profit fee; $334.38 in meeting meals discussing the planned truth channel; $100,64 at Staples (mostly printer ink cartridges); and $36.95 in parking fees (books are updated every single day to a professional accounting spreadsheet that mirrors IRS reporting lines).

I also gave out $2,740.88 in grants via PayPal (odd number due to foreign currency conversions) including $300 for the Spanish language translation of the 9/11 Truth volume. I have always felt that my “brand” should be used to help others, not just attract money for me — so there is a modest ecology of others who benefit from your grants to Earth Intelligence Network.

Persistent resources including, in addition to this blog:

Please donate:

Thank you.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

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