Stephen E. Arnold: Algorithm Bias

IO Impotency
Stephen E. Arnold

Algorithms: Thresholds and Recycling Partially Explained

Several observations:

  1. The bias in methods goes back before I showed up at the university computer center to use the keypunch machines. Way back in fact.
  2. Developers today rely on copy and paste, open source, and the basic methods taught by professors who may be thinking about their side jobs as consultants.
  3. Training data may be skewed, and no one wants to spend the money or take the time to create training data. Why bother? Just use whatever is free, cheap, or already on a storage device. Close enough for horseshoes.
  4. Users do not know [a] what’s going on behind the point and click interfaces, nor do most users care. As a result, a good graphic is “correct.”

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