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1 – Army Vision
2 – Army Strategy
3 – Army Planning Guidance Annex A (Planning Tasks)
4 – Army Testimony (SecArmy, CSA)
5 – 2018 National Defense Strategy

Robert Steele Comment & Links Below

ROBERT STEELE: The US Army means well, and the US Army is the backbone of the Constitution as I wrote some time ago (see below). However, it is trapped in a totally corrupt and dysfunctional national political and criminal economic system that assures its failure however hard it might try to do the right thing. Reading the 2018 National Defense Strategy makes me sick to my stomach. The so-called strategic environment section was written by morons pandering to criminals.  There is no intelligence, no integrity, and no imagination in this document. It is totally divorced from the larger national security need to fully integrate diplomacy, development, defense, and commerce (D3C), and it is totally divorced from true cost economics and the urgent need to close down all our bases overseas, bring our forces home, and  focus on reconstituting the Republic. The so-called strategy is devoid of appreciation for the human factor and over the cliff and in free fall in assuming there are technology solutions when the best technology we can buy at this time yields forces that are 40% capable within 40% available (in the best of the units, rising to 60% capable within 60% available). There is ample room for very rapid improvement across the board, but it must start with the US Army and then the Department of Defense and finally the President himself demanding an Open Source Agency integrating Thin  Thread such that we can do holistic analytics, true cost economics across all supply chains, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) so as to break the backs of the monopolies that have been screwing over our military and our public using “intellectual property” that is in fact nothing more than a license to steal — the US being in a state of war, this is also treason.

For the President:

Can Donald Trump Wage Peace with An Army of 3 Million, All Overseas Bases Closed, and More…?

Robert Steele: Trump Triumph in 3 Moves UPDATE 8 WH 4.0, Trump 2.0, #UNRIG 4.0

MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENT: Eradicating Fake News and False Intelligence with an Open Source Agency That Also Supports Defense, Diplomacy, Development, & Commerce (D3C) Innovation to Stabilize World

For the Chief of Staff of the US Army:

Robert Steele: Reflections on The People’s Army, The Constitution, & Grand Strategy

Robert Steele: Grand Strategy, Global Reality, & Re-Inventing US National Security Centered on Re-Inventing the US Army

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