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La valse des satellites russes autour du Venezuela éloigne le spectre de la guerre dans la région

The waltz of Russian satellites around Venezuela wards off the specter of war in the region”  

Valentin Vasilescu

Google Translate (sorry, but good enough) below the fold).

Some of Russia's military satellites move in elongated elliptical orbits at an altitude of 39,700 km. Satellites hold in almost permanent observation certain geographical areas the size of a continent. The satellite for this type of surveillance has a diameter of 2.7 m, a length of 7 m and a mass of 5 to 6 tons. The satellite also has rocket engines, with which it can change its initial trajectory.

When the Russian military contingent landed in Caracas, it was observed a change in the orbit of the trajectory of several Russian military satellites. Some of the satellites belong to the network that monitors electromagnetic emissions from US land and naval combat vehicles. At the same time, satellites also have radar equipment that identifies coordinates and the type of target.

Others are part of the optical research satellite network, including high resolution telescopes in the visual and infrared spectra. These satellites even detect the launching of cruise missiles on submerged submarines. They follow the missile path and can determine their likely targets.

The orbital parameters of these satellites have been modified by Moscow to observe naval bases and US military ships that may participate in the invasion of Venezuela. This unprecedented fact amounts to a warning issued in the United States that Russia will retaliate in the event of an attack on Venezuela.

Due to the heavy traffic of the Panama Canal, the United States can not carry its heavy war machinery across the continent on land routes. Therefore, US tanks will be pre-positioned on the offensive base of Colombia, by Watson-class ships specially built for it.

These convoys of merchant ships will be followed from the phase of embarkation in American ports by Russian satellites all along the route. It should be noted that the ports of Colombia are within reach of Bastion anti-ship missiles and Kh-59MK2, the Russian production for the Venezuelan army. In addition, Venezuela may also receive Kalibr anti-ship missiles from Russia in the event of an impending invasion. Kalibr missiles have a range of 1500 km.

The sinking of five Watson class ships meant the loss of 5 x 16,000 tonnes of cargo, that is, the elimination of two US mechanized divisions and tanks, knowing that four US divisions were needed for the invasion. .

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The USA has four major vulnerabilities that the Naked Emperor refuses to acknowledge even though all four are well known:

01 Cannot get out of town easily. The one strategic port we have for shipping out to South America is too easily jammed up by a sunken freighter in the channel, and/or port operations impediments including frying the electrical power at the master entry level.

02 Cannot get from here to there without losing 1-2 ships to a submarine on diesel power that cannot be detected — or a SUNBURN missile going Mach 2 while zig-zagging — or even better, being immobilized with an electromagnetic lock down as happened to the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea

03 Satellites vital to communications as well as geospatial movements are too easily blinded or decommissioned.

04 Caracas, the Capital of Venezuela, is inaccessible from the sea and its tiny municipal airport will not accommodate major airlift — the best a US invasion force could so is take the international airport and Maracaibo.  Entering from the jungles of Colombia is something only a pedophile with no serious military intelligence knowledge would consider.

I know Venezuela well.  For all of its troubles including standard corruption, there is absolutely no plausible reason for the USA to be messing about there with one exception: if President Donald Trump is using this to keep the Zionist Deep State neo-cons busy while he gets ready to do full disclosure, arrests, and then the finale, the end of AIPAC and ADL and the firing of all Zionists across Congress and the Senior Executive Service (not just the dual-citizens but the ones who have sworn a pledge to put Israel First and who have been bribed and blackmailed — often with pedophilia videos — to do so.

We live in interesting times.  Of this I am certain: with or without Trump, but preferably with Trump, the USA is on a path back toward bottom-up democracy and ethical capitalism. It is an honor for me and my voice to be a very small part of ensuring that the truth at any cost lowers all other costs and is empowering to We the People.

El Pueblo Avanza.


Below are two files from the 1990 Expeditionary Factors Study.  Nothing has changed about the climate, hydrography, and topography and very little has changed about the airfields, ports, maps and other points of issue.  When combining Cuban and Russian capabilities, particularly in electromagnetic warfare, Venezuela is a fool's fight.

1990 EE Colombia

1990 EE Venezuela


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