Veterans Today: FAKE NEWS False Flag Anti-Semitic Attacks by Jews Against Themselves Because They Are Certain You Are STUPID

07 Other Atrocities

‘Worst’ anti-Semitic attack on Kosher cafe revealed to be scam by owners


FAKE HATE: Jewish Family ‘Staged' Antisemitic Attack Against Themselves, Vandalized Own Business

Phi Beta Iota: Zionists think you are STUPID.  That was true in the past.  Not anymore. It is time to shut the Zionists DOWN.  Virtually every “anti-Semitic” event appears to be done by the Zionists themselves, just as most “terrorist” arrests in the USA are contrived by the FBI as budget building measures.  The media is complicit, and of course owned by the Rothschilds and the Zionist machine that profits from lies, drugs, guns, gold, and selling small children.

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Benjamin Fulford: Zionists Being Slammed Down, Trust the Plan — Comment by Robert Steele Including Reference to Global Currency Reset

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