Election 2020 – Week to 19 May 2019

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Sunday, 19 May 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Joe Biden-Kamala Harris dream ticket? Sanders-McKinney would be more powerful but Sanders probably is not smart enough to see that. Predatory capitalism is a factor — Trump needs to put Wall Street down in order to win over Main Street a second time. This makes Bill De Blasio (married to a woman of color) a much more serious candidate than some might think. Mark Cuban would be interesting as an Independent challenger in 2020, if only to push the President on America First not Israel First — oh, wait, Mark Cuban is Jewish.  Hmmm.  Cuban and Schultz and Bloomberg.  All Jewish.  Whatever are we to make of that? We are including candidates in the big picture section because NONE OF THEM including Trump have yet achieved  #UNRIG “unity through integrity” authenticity — people not parties, authentic, inclusive, truthful. And then, suddenly, from nowhere, comes Marianne Williamson…founder of the Course in Miracles.  This is a wild card.  A very good wild card. The President needs to take notice. Dems are starting to think more deeply about the economy and undecided/inactive voters, can focusing on Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida as states that can be flipped.  They are right on two of them.

Budget Busters. This is a new category. The Department of Defense budget under President Donald Trump is completely out of control. This is probably — to an extent but not completely — because he is hiding a $200 billion plus up that is paying for a space force and many other things not authorized by Congress and probably not desired by the American public.  The days of allowing the military-industrial complex to steal 60-70% of the disposable federal budget, over half of which is borrowed from the Deep State, are over. If the President does not get a grip on  this he is exposing himself to loss in 2020.

Candidates. Joe Biden has a China collusion-corruption problem — billions worth, all exposed now.  He still considered the most electible for a majority of the Democratic voters that do not focus on pedophilia and the Deep State. Biden is not the best candidate (nor is Sanders) but the Democrats are in such disarray they might make this fundamental mistake. McAfee makes NewsWeek — given President thinking about eliminating the income tax, the issue over which my colleague John McAfee fled the country — I recommend that the President consider FRIENDING John McAfee, who can deliver 70% of the Libertarian vote to the President.

Demographics.  Key states for Trump attracting super-PAC attention include Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and Georgia. Asian Americans may be leaning Democratic, doubling in that direction. Spanish speakers with right to vote being protected in Florida — speaking English is evidently not a requirement for a US citizen. Young people will be huge in 2020 — Rosanne Barr is an asset, but Trump is not resonating with young people.

Down-Ticket Impact. House GOP seeking women, fresh faces. Before the 4th of July we expect a major change in the down-ticket environment, with veterans runnning for every one of the 50% of the GOP precinct seats now empty, and a $400M Military Political Action Committee (MPAC) coming into being. In the end, liberalism will be defined as a mix of socialism and perversion antithetical to everything America stands for, and the only question will be whether the President will commit to #UNRIG Unity for Integrity electoral reform in time for 2020 to see a Congress that is one third NOT Democratic or Republican, and 100% not bribable or black-mailable.

Election Reform/Electoral College.  We desperately need a #UNRIG election reform act, but on balance the Constitution is holding steady and the 50 states, NOT the popular vote, could ultimately determine the outcome.

Fake News/False Flag. Pompeo is an idiot but just as dangerous as Bolton, both of them liars.  We are delighted the President is seeing the need to get rid of them both.  Throw Kushner to the Grand Jury and all will be well.

Impeachment/Counter-Investigation. Brennan should be contemplating suicide or a face change and exile to Saudi Arabia. Clapper is right to be nervious. Hayden will die soon of a heart attack. Comey we would like to see sentenced to a pedophile prison in Thailand where we are sure he will be happy, especially if they let him keep his Howdy Doody costume.

Issues.  China and North Korea (and we would add the Middle East) all loom as potentially decisive successes (or failures) impacting on the 2020 election. Green Wave Environmental Movement in 2020?  Not likely but 5G has legs. Immigration will remain YUGE. Not yet in the news: end of income tax in favor of a transaction tax. Abortion is now on the table, Alabama is not helping, this could hurt both the President and the down-ticket. Employment hits new low including in three critical states and manufacturing is making a comeback precisely because of the President being tough on tariffs — and jobs are taking people away from opiates and back to the basics.  The economy, and illegal immigration (non-citizens  now known to be committing 42% of all federal crimes while being only 7% of the population) are winning issues.

Kushner Liability. Kushner is now the laughingstock not only across the Arab world, but across the US Congress as well. His “immigration plan” is a joke and he clearly has no clue what is going on in the real world. After the President fires Pompeo, Bolton, and Abrams, he needs to dismiss Kushner from the White House while giving his daughter a soft landing — she can be First Daughter from New York.

Technology. Both the White House and President  Trump’s campaign team are retarded when it comes to addressing the Zionist social media censorship challenge.  Their latest idea is too little too late — a web site for “registering” social media complaints.  This is actually a Trojan Horse to collect emails for Brad Parscales propaganda machine.  If the President were serious, he would be launching a RICO investigation and empower Bill Binney to map all the Zionists across all media platforms (both mainstream and social) and then organizing an “informational” tour of Guantamo for all these treasonous shit-heads.

Voter Fraud/Suppression. Both parties are ramping up voter suppression legislation intended to block access to and empowerment of the 50% of the eligible voters who do not vote and many of whom are not registered to vote. what the President SHOULD be doing is putting #UNRIG Unity for Integrity on the  table and leading a national conversation about both restoring the US Constitution and about restoring integrity to the electoral process.

Zionist Influence on USA.

CENSORED by both mainstream and social media.  Full-on censored.


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Zionist Influence on USA.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

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