Election 2020 – Week to 12 MAY 2019

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Sunday, 12 May 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Do not underestimate the Speaker of the House. President Trump appears to know that Florida is Ground Zero for him, he may not realize how angry his base there is about his failure to keep many promises. If DeSantis signs the criminalization of anti-Zionism commentary the President will LOSE Florida and DeSantis will not be viable for 2024. Florida will keep Trump nominally Zionist until after Election Day but DeSantis is being set up . Governor John Kickenlooper, with a black female VP not Kamela Harris, remains our respected wild card.

Candidates. Biden-Sanders, Warren-Harris.  GOP-Trump starts hiring with unlimited budget, doubling the numbers so far. The Democrats are, in one word, conflicted. Sanders borders on delusional thinking he can “expose” Trump for “fraud” to  the Trump “base.”

Demographics. Identity politics (divide & conquer) is not working for the Democrats — but the President and GOP have failed to be authentic, inclusive, and truthful with the 87% of the voters are NOT part of the “base.”

Down-Ticket Impact. Democrats could lose House, the progressive agenda has become so extremist — to include drag kids promotiing pedophilia and Converse shoes — as to alienate otherwise loyal Democrats and lose swing voters. Plenty of room for many Senators from both sides to be defeated.

Election Reform/Electoral College. Democrats are panicking over a near-certain loss to the President, while failing to mount serious election reform and governance/intelligence reform proposals certain to attract coalitions of thinking voters. The 2020 Census will impact hugely on 2024, particularly if the census distinguishes between eligible voters and the illegal aliens and foreigners than now justify four additional House seats in California.

Fake News. Both of the political parties are doubling down on fake news and wedge issues instead of the truth and election reform.

Impeachment. Impeachment opens more legal avenues for harrassing the President — it might still happen but it will backfire, on balance we believe impeachment is off the table.

Issues. Could 2020 be the year in which the public demands answers across the board, and refuses to accept a few hot button wedge issues? Climate change being touted as “the” issue, this is nonsense.  Free energy on the one hand, and ridding Congress of the Zionist pest on the other, are the core issues. Anti-Zionism free speech is emergent as “the” issue in 2020. Florida is emerging as “the” tipping point state precisely because Florida is the Zionist Chabad home ground. DeSantis appears to be making another mistake with recreational marijuana and citizen petitions.  We wish him well but at this rate he is self-destructing.

Kushner Liability.

Technology. What is fascinating is the degree to which technology is being used to advance lies and focus on the 30% that comprise the active eligible voters. Nothing is being done with technology to eliminate political corruption, educate the public, and make evidence-based public policy making possible.
Voter Fraud.

Zionist Influence on USA. See Big Picture. The criminalization of anti-Zionism, which is righteous precisely because Zionism is genocidal, apartheid, and criminal — and supported in the USA by the active bribery and blackmail of Members of Congress, Senior Executives, broadcasters, judges, prosecutors, celebrities, and more (let not forget the crematorium operators that dispose of the murdered children used in elite Satanic rituals co-existent with Zionism) — is “absolute evil.” We are reminded of Schindler’s List, one of the greatest propaganda films in history, and how the list of Jews (not Zionists) saved from certain death is an “absolute good.” Saving Jews is good.  Putting Zionism down is just as good.


Big Picture.

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Kushner Liability.


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Voter Fraud.

Zionist Influence on USA.

Anti-Semitism bill goes where a law shouldn’t | Editorial

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis could sign bill combating anti-Semitism during Israel trip

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