Gordon Duff: C/JCS Dances on Issue of US Approved False Flag to Start War with Iran

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General Dunford’s Dance: Asked, at Brookings, if US is Planning a False Flag Against Iran as Sabrosky Asserts

Click above to get to video, go to 37:00.

Phi Beta Iota: The General avoided the question but stated that he would rely on intelligence to not go to war on the basis of a false flag.  This begs the question, if CIA and Mossad collaborate to create a false flag, and CIA then reports that it is “real” Iranian attack and CIA reports are “validated” by NSA which is taking in signals from Israeli “talking rocks” that SIMULATE “authentic” Iranians, how, pray tell, is C/JCS going to know the truth, which is NOT available from the US secret intelligence community?

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