Mongoose: Global Anti-Semitic Campaign By Zionists Desperate to Pressures Jews to Israel (Which Is a Lost Cause — Gone by 2022)

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Alert Reader offers below commentaries and headlines that suggest that the global anti-semetic campaign is actually being carried out by Zionists desperate to pressure Jews to emigrate to Israel where they will be used as speed bumps against the inevitable return of Palestine to the Palestinians.


To follow that Philip Giraldi piece, here is a book you may have read or not but… the Jewish people was far, far happier in the Middle East than since the creation of Israel and far, far less persecuted until it met… Zionism.
“Painful truths about the Zionist rape of Palestine and deliberate planting of anti-Semitism in Iraqi Jewish communities during David Ben-Gurion's political career to persuade Iraqi Jews to immigrate to Israel. The Zionists' goal was to import raw Jewish labor from the Middle East to farm the newly-vacated lands and fill the military ranks with conscripts, to defend the stolen lands.


Israel lies in claims Arabs forced Jews to flee

Column in Arab News explores the Israeli and Zionist lies that Jews were forced to flee Arab countries. They were never forced to flee. Instead, they were enticed to flee by Jewish organizations to immigrate to Palestine in the 1930s and 1940s and then Israel after May 14, 1948 to occupy the homes and property stolen from Palestinians forced into refugee status by Israeli armed terrorists

By Ray Hanania

In the case of Jews from Arab lands, it is true many Jews left their homes and properties but they did so not because of persecution from the Arab countries but rather they left in response to pleas from Jewish fanatics who were seeking to increase the Jewish populations in Israel. Several groups including the World Jewish Congress and the Jewish Agency offered money, and benefits to any Jewish person or family that left their lands to immigrate to Israel. They were also doing that prior to the creation of the Jewish State on May 14, 1948 during the British Mandate.

I didn't realize it until researching today but there is currently (for the past 10 years or so) an enormous and renewed push worldwide for all Jews to move to Israel.  Under scare tactics and renewed hysteria of antisemitism, bribes, blackmail, wars or threats of war, and the amount of serious Zionist Soros-Gates-Clinton, etc. money, expanded to that effect, is mind boggling and… of true unknown origin since never audited.  (I wouldn't be surprised if AKDN has a solid finger in it too).

From Ukraine, Russia, US/Canada, Ethiopia, Yemen, many Arab countries, Australia, Venezuela, France, everywhere.  A very serious push and those Israeli-published charts document it, to the extent that they reflect reality in any shape or form but that's all we have to work from right now.

Given that most of those countries have not discriminated against the Jewish people for decades (and even longer if we read the WWII revisionists such as my uncle), one has to wonder why the sudden increase, especially from developed countries such as Russia, US/Canada/Europe… unless the Zionists are, indeed preparing WWIII and lining up their proxies to get them ready and willing to fight for Israel.

Which would explain the MSM anti-Semitic hysteria of late, directed at the Jewish people more than to us, and let's not forget who owns MSM and who spreads said hysteria.

Without wanting to sound conspiracist, I've long wondered why the infamous Georgian Guide Stones (Which I believe to be more than just some wet dream from some man named “Christian” given the secrecy behind them) were written in those languages but not in French, even though spoken worldwide by 497 million people (the Wikipedia number is grossly wrong as it does not take into account Africa.  The total is closer to 497), and why in Hebrew spoken by 10 million in Israel and no one knows how many worldwide.  All the other languages they are written in make perfect sense if we go by the number of people who speak them either as their native or second, academic one, like Russian (not properly accounted for either):

If I were paranoid, I would look at it and say: “WWIII will be fought, again, mainly in and over Europe and possibly over North America.”  I'm not but I take note of everything.

>Historically, immigration happens in the waves we're witnessing AFTER enormous cataclysms or enormous economic crises have hit a region.  Never in anticipation of such events.  The events happen first and the people endure.  They migrate at the end of their endurance.  What we are witnessing is immigration in preparation for something.  And isn't that interesting that it goes toward the US and Europe as though to cage in and decimate a maximum of people very quickly?

WWIII or some sudden economic crisis so dire that the entire Western world is finished almost overnight?

Worth pondering, wouldn't you say?

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