Mongoose: #GoogleGestapo Planning to Deplatform & Terminate Funding (PayPal, Stripe) of Conservative Candidates in 2020


Stripe Deplatforms Independent Candidate Tommy Robinson Days Before EU Election

Tommy Robinson, a right-wing activist and independent candidate for the EU elections, was bounced off of Stripe this week, severely limiting his ability to fundraise in the crucial final weeks of the campaign. Robinson is an official candidate on the ballot for the EU Parliament election in the North West of England on May 23rd.

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Phi Beta Iota: This is a clear indictator, along with Facebook termination of all populist parties in Italy.  Combined with how MeetUp cancelled the $77,000 paid program of #UNRIG while waiving fees for 1,087 #RESIST groups co-sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League (the Zionist secret police and “trusted censor” for Silicon Valley), the lines are drawn.  PayPal and Stripe are going to need restraining orders at the federal level — no accepted candidate for office should ever be deplatformed.  Period.  It may be time to respond to this digital violence with legal violence — putting Zuckerberg in prison for fraud (half his accounts are fake therefore he has been lying to the SEC and stakeholders since day one) would be a good start.

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