Paul Craig Roberts: Zionist Lies About World War II — the Holocaust (Fake News) Industry — America Starts Telling the Truth NOW

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Paul Craig Roberts

The Lies About World War II

The famous British military historian, Sir John Keegan, wrote in the Times Literary Supplement: “Two books stand out from the vast literature of the Second World War: Chester Wilmot’s The Struggle for Europe, published in 1952, and David Irving’s Hitler’s War.

Despite many such accolades, today Irving is demonized and has to publish his own books.

I will avoid the story of how this came to be, but, yes, you guessed it, it was the Zionists.  You simply cannot say anything that alters their propagandistic picture of history.

World War II was Churchill’s War, not Hitler’s war.

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ROBERT STEELE: The Open Source Agency will have an Information Bureau and an Engineering Bureau. The Information Bureau will have a History Division. The History Division will be responsible for restoring the truth to history. This will, among other things, put a stake into the heart of the Zionist parasite that has been the front edge of the Deep State.

By the by, Facebook is now shadow-banning Phi Beta Iota.  Fuck Mark Zukerberg. The little shit is going down along with Jack Dorsey and Larry Page.  Each lacks ethics.  Atonement looms.

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