Robert Steele @Amazon: The Second American Revolution – Reflections on the Near Future (Trump Revolution Book 27)

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NOTE: This is a 31 page document sold at Amazon for 99 cents (EIN gets 35). Click on cover for page.

These reflections, published free online in November 2018, can in the light of recent events be read in the context that it is now clear that President Donald Trump is moving ahead with Global Currency Reset initiatives, and that we can expect the initiatives I outlined below prior to his massive 4th of July celebration. He continues to resist on disclosure, perhaps believing that free energy (ET/UFO disclosure) and Zionist perfidy (9/11 disclosure) are best left to the second term. I continue to give our President the benefit of the doubt while producing a weekly Election 2020 report free online.

If he cancels the federal income tax (substituting the transaction tax applied to all transactions including stock and currency transactions) and announces a student education and elderly health debt jubilee, he is locked in. Yet to be settled are the issues of Free Speech, Right to Bear Arms, and the cutting of the federal budget in half starting with defense, which is 50% waste and cannot win wars.

I will continue to do what I can to support the President from the sidelines, including a constant challenge to Zionist lies and the creation of an open path to direct dialog between President Trump and the leadership of Iran; publishing my articles censored by the Zionists via #GoogleGestapo (see especially TRUMP vs. THE DEEP STATE: Recent Reflections of a Former US Spy & Marine Corps Officer (Trump Revolution Book 35), and planning for Web 3.0 where Bill Binney’s Thin Thread, Satoshi’s advanced crypto, and the ideas I have accumulated and developed from many others, will deliver a truth channel that cannot be censored or manipulated: Ed Jewett: GoogleNews Bias Robert Steele: Lawsuit & Displacement of #GoogleGestapo with Four Nested Capabilities (Web 3.0).

God Bless America – and every person of faith who rejects Zionism, Nazism, Satanism, and the predatory cosmic elements that are now on the run – good is in triumph. St.

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