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Brilliant analysis. Rigged system all around.

Venezuela, Iran: Trump and the deep state

Thierry Meyssan

The US Press is spreading a false narrative of the events in Venezuela and the rise of tension between Washington and Teheran. Given the contradictory declarations of both sides, it is almost impossible to discern the truth. After having checked the facts, we need to deepen our analysis and take into account the opposition between the different political currents in these countries.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I keep getting asked why I continue to support President Donald Trump. Certainly he has failed to keep many promises, as Pastor Chuck Baldwin points out in the piece below posted by Jack Mullen, but he has also kept many promises, with the best record being that kept by Paul Adams, also below. Thierry Meyssan is one of the most brilliant and truthful strategists I know and his analysis of our situation in relation to Venezuela is in my view a thousand times more accurate and useful than anything to be found in the US media.

President Trump is playing for time. We need to give him that time.

Time is the one strategic variable that cannot be bought nor replaced.

It has become clear to me that the President is listening to the public more deeply and broadly that I first realized, and he is preparing to take some initiatives, certainly including disclosure of treason by Obama, Clinton, Brennan, and Comey et al but possibly also including the end of the federal income tax and the Global Currency Reset, that will assure a landslide victory.

I just learned today that NSA is on a full bore retrospective database search to document every Member of Congress making promises to Zionist Israel and accepting undeclared compensation from Zionist Israel — every single such Member, which is all but three by my count — is subject to criminal trial and will at a minimum face electoral challenges — I anticipate veterans who put America First being among the most credible challengers.  I anticipate billboards across America showing every Member of Congress holding an Israeli passport to be an Israel Firster. This is going to gut the Democratic Party but it will also take out some of the Republicans in Name Only (RINO).

I am reliably informed that the Zionists embedded at NSA will not be able to scrub the database. We've got them.  There is no escaping REVELATION.

Do not underestimate our President.

In his second term I am anticipating ET/UFO disclosure in relation to free energy coming into public accessibility (this will radically alter the President's announced infrastructure rebuild), 9/11 disclosure eradicating the Zionist pest from the US economy, the US government, and US society, and some form of Convention of States to review at least the 16th and 17th Amendments that probably were NOT ratified properly and therefore can be rescinded without a vote — we only need to demonstrate they were not properly ratified.

If President Trump restores the Senate as the body that represents the 50 sovereign states NOT the constantly changing public in those states, he will go down in history as the equal of the Founding Fathers.

Cancelling the federal income tax (replacing it with a transaction tax that covers both stock and currency transactions as well as corporate and retail transactions will  triple the available revenue and end borrowing) and nationalizing the Federal Reserve but NOT the DEBT that the private banks owe all of us, will seal our President's place in history.  Greatest President Ever, For Sure.

This is why I continue to support our lawfully-elected President.

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