Robert Steele: Judy Shelton Is Right — Gold-Backed Currencies Now!

03 Economy, Ethics, Government

I have been following a number of alternative (which is to say, honest) economic minds for some years now, including Martin Armstrong, John Bogle (RIP), Ellen Brown, Karl Denninger, William Engdahl, Edgar Feige, William Greider, Wayne Jett and yes, Judy Shelton.  She nailed it and our President was very wise to hear her out on gold-backed currency.  I expect the US announcement any day now. Cancel the income tax and put in the APT Tax and agree with ASEAN and others that we must all nationalize our privately-owned Central Banks (but not their debt, which will remain the obligation of the private banks creating that debt), and it is GAME OVER.

Dr M moots currency backed by gold

TOKYO: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says Malaysia is proposing a new currency based on gold, as this would be more stable than the current currency trading which is manipulative.



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