Worth a Look: Free Digital Maps Including Peters Projection

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Very fine offer from publisher, below the fold.

From ODT:

World maps on equal-area projections (Peters or Hobo-Dyer) are especially attractive for NGOs doing international work — as they display all countries fairly (according to size) — and that usually ends up showing the result of compassionate and caring projects in a more impactful way.
MSF in the EU switches to the Peters Map
EU Doctors Without Borders adopts the Peters
Doctors Without Borders in the EU recently changed to the Peters Map for the hardcopy map they insert with their fund-raising appeals. This let’s you see the impact of the countries they work in more dramatically.
ODT has supported Doctors Without Borders and was excited to be able to enhance the visibility of their work … and so we are making the Doctors Without Borders branded Peters Map available as a free digital download.

In the USA and Canada, you can learn more about Doctors Without Borders‘ work HERE.
You can donate to Doctors Without Borders HERE.
Download either the English language version HERE or
   the French language version HERE  
Another NGO, in 2002, launched our Hobo-Dyer Equal Area map projection. The Carter Center needed to display the 68 countries around the world in which the Center has worked since 1982.
So the Hobo-Dyer made the headlines back then, and has only “picked up steam” since that time. We are now offering a free download of that poster and map.

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