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Berto Jongman

Anyone who wants to be prime minister should have a course of therapy first

Our toxic political system rewards all the wrong traits and produces the worst possible leaders

A few years ago, the psychologist Michelle Roya Rad listed the characteristics of good leadership. Among them were fairness and objectivity; a desire to serve society rather than just yourself; a lack of interest in fame and attention; and resistance to the temptation to hide the truth or make impossible promises.

Conversely, a paper in the Journal of Public Management and Social Policy has listed the characteristics of leaders with psychopathic, narcissistic or Machiavellian personalities. These include: a tendency to manipulate others; a preparedness to lie and deceive to achieve your ends; a lack of remorse and sensitivity; and a desire for admiration, attention, prestige and status.

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ROBERT STEELE: As much as I support our President, he is a flawed man in a flawed system and he is doing nothing to unrig the system and make it possible to elect honest citizen patriots to a Congress that cannot be bribed, blackmailed, and lied to.  I thinking on two tracks: how to help Trump be the greatest President ever; and how to accomplish all that Trump will fail to accomplish, beginning in 2024.  Leadership is about service to the larger community, not power; the President should not be the decider but rather the educator who nurtures fact-based decision-making leavened with compassion.  We have a very long way to go.  This will be my focus for the balance of my life.

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