Berto Jongman: Possible Discovery of Universal Memory, the “Holy Grail” – Ends Booting, Reduces Energy by One Fifth

Advanced Cyber/IO, IO Technologies
Berto Jongman

Discovery of a ‘holy grail' with the invention of universal computer memory

A new type of computer memory to solve the digital technology energy crisis has been invented and patented by scientists. The device is the realization of the decades long search for a ‘Universal Memory' to replace the $100 billion market for Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) and flash drives. It promises to transform daily life with its ultra-low energy consumption, allowing computers which do not need to boot up and which could sleep between key strokes.

Phi Beta Iota: A long way to go, in part because we still produce crap software. No improvements  in hardware can make up for crap software (and crap management combined with crap collection).

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