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Sunday, 30 June 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Mike Pence's days are numbered. Haley is being rolled out — bad idea, we have enough bimbo's in the White House. Trump-McKinney or Trump and Carol Mosely Braun would be vastly better option.  War with Iran will END the Trump Presidency.  He knows that. Some of us are trying to get Rouhini to “make the call” so Trump can claim victory, fire Pompeo and Bolton, and refocus on domestic matters.  Major announcements are expected in the 4th of July speech. National morality — and the restoration of the natural rights of citizens that precede the government they have formed — have not yet been addressed. The President appears to be operating in a moral vacuum with communications staff — however well-intentioned — that do not get the progressive and false conservative threat — the enemy within.  Generation Z gets it. It's time President Trump leads on this aspect, the 4th of July speech would be a good place to start.  Live free or die.  Slam the federal government back into a small box and end the entitlement-dependency–censorship society. Democrats are in a funk, they know none of them can beat Trump as long as the economy is good and he does not attack Iran.  Marianne Williamson has emerged as the top Democratic candidate with any semblance of integrity and sanity.

Budget Busters.

Candidates. Brad Parscale needs to stop running his mouth about flipping states and find ways to reach beyond the base. Trump needs to hold them all and worry particularly about Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas. If donations are any indication, Trump was won the election already. Gabbard crushed Warren and all others in the first debate says one source, Warren stood out says NY Post. Marianne Williamson is emergent — Kamela Harris did well but her negatives will be clear to one and all by year's end. Biden loses major donor.

Demographics.  Blacks do not trust Buttigieg, who is also going to suffer from general black family opposition to the normalization of pedophilia and transgenderism. Young activists are being aggressively recruited, “educated,” and funded by the extreme left against our President specifically and the GOP generally (many veterans would agree that the GOP needs to be gutted and rebuilt from the bottom up with veterans in the vacant precinct seats).

Generation Z — the Crisis Generation according to the Fourth Turning theory — is not, as the Democrats assume, theirs to command. In fact Generation Z is beginning to realize that decades of entitlements and political correctness and what one author calls a “cheating culture” have hollowed out the USA and left them without an education despite tens of thousands in college debt; without job prospects because of the financialization of the economy; and in poor health because of the liberal poisoning of the air, water, land, and food by corrupt corporations bribing corrupt politicians. Generation Z could be the foundation for a Donald Trump landslide in 2020 if — and this is not at all certain — he can make the case to them for reinstating the individual sovereignty, work ethic, and localized sustainability that Thomas Jefferson saw as the foundation for a strong country with core values. Transgenders needs not apply.

Down-Ticket Impact. 22 GOP Senate seats said to be up for grabs.

Election Reform/Electoral College. Trump needs to go to war with the Supreme Court on including citizenship question in census, and more generally, with the two-party tyranny over #UNRIG Election Reform.

Fake News/Election Interference. It is now clear to the public at large that FAANG / #GoogleGestaponot only interfered in the 2016 election, but are doubling down on interfering in the 2020 election against Donald Trump.


Issues. Student debt is an issue.  So also is student ignorance  after graduating from college, unemployable most except in clerical jobs not needing a college degree.  Bernie Sanders addresses the first, ignores the second and is wrong in thinking Generation Z is solidly liberaly. Treatment of detainees (“concentration camps”) may be getting legs as an issue among progressives BUT the clever Bill Maher thinks Democrats may be self-destructing in comparing US illegals to holocausted Jews.  Rapid export and refusal to process in USA could be part of the solution.Pelosi could not sound stupider when she says being in country illegally is not a reason for deportation. Climate change is a non-issue. The Democrats do not get that yet. 5G is emerging as a killer issue that none of the candidates, and certainly not the President, are taking seriously. Public is still uncertain about medicare for all versus public option. “Character” of the President is emerging as a potential issue the Democrats can attempt to exploit but the media focus on this is both distorted and probably over-stated.

Technology. The illegal activities of FAANG/#GoogleGestapo and their specific intent to deny Trump the 2020 election are now clear to one and all.  Not yet clear is when Trump will smash them with  RICO, a DoJ lawsuit, and a deep deep financial probe — a “porcupine colonoscopy” — just picture Mark Zuckerberg's face during that process.  Some worry about “deep fakes” (particularly when combined with widespread digital assassination of conservatives). Just out: Trump thinking about a massive lawsuit against Twitter and Facebook, he needs to include Google, MeetUp, YouTube.

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud.

Zionist Influence on USA.

The Zionist plan being pitched to the President by his Clown Prince is shit.


Big Picture.

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Budget Busters.


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Down-Ticket Impact.

22 GOP Senate seats up for grabs in 2020 election

Election Reform/Electoral College.

Supreme Court’s approval of partisan gerrymandering raises 2020 election stakes

Supreme Court rules against Trump on census citizenship question

Supreme Court Leaves Census Question on Citizenship in Doubt

Fake News/Election Interference.

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Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud.

Zionist Influence on USA.

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