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BERTRAND DAILY REPORT  The War For Your Mind & Soul Continues
Subject:  “Q” [Future Proves Past]  GITMO Military Commission Re-Organized For Deep State Criminals–Video
Friends and Associates:
While President Trump is at Portsmouth UK in remembrance of the D-Day invasion of 150,000 men that stormed the beach heads of Omaha and Utah to liberate Europe and the world from tyranny and evil, the U.S. fakestream media are condemning Trump’s visit and his participation in the ceremony as a “disgrace” while at the same time showing the world hatred and despair being felt within the ranks of the Deep State and their Communist agenda to re-take the world under their false premise of a New World Order.
All Americans should be outraged and equally motivated in the take-down of the Communist controlled Democrat Party and begin a strong offensive to destroy that ideology by using the same tools the Deep State uses on REAL PATRIOTS by shoving the truth down their throats. As a force multiplier, every American that knows the truth about the “16 Year Plan” by the Deep State to destroy America and bring her to her knees for a convenient economic take-over by China should [continue] to re-broadcast by any means available the cabal’s plans and hidden secrets that have been kept from us for over a century.
“The Obama/Hillary Clinton “16-year plan to destroy America” involved the Democrats calculating both Obama and Hillary Clinton’s two term presidencies would allow the unfolding of a 16-year plan to destroy America.”
On this day 75 years ago, America was a united force that brought together the world and eventually destroyed Hitler’s plans [his vision] of a New World Order, and today we are there again, but what the cabal learned from their failure(s) was re-organized and written in many texts, including Sal Alinksy’s ‘Rules For Radicals’ of which is the playbook for the Democrat Communist Party in America to divide and conquer via race and economic differences…..offering [fake] solutions for those that “buy into un-realistic expectations” with the help of rogue elements in the CIA that created ‘Operation Mockingbird’ to use television as the means for spreading Communistic propaganda to the masses.
Today is no different, but far more effective..using the likes of CNN and social media as their platform to regain power, while hiding the crimes committed by the Deep State and badgering anyone that speaks-out, using censorship to keep people dumbed-down.
Let us NOT forget what was happening under the Obama regime handed-over by the 9/11 criminal George W. Bush while poppa Bush was pulling the strings behind the scenes…….(GHWB was complicit in the assassination of JFK)
Remember the estimated 500,000 plastic coffins purchased from Polyguard Vaults Corporation towards the end of GWB’s presidency and found to be stored at an Atlanta FEMA contractor site?
[WE] suspected a major crisis involving the CDC (Atlanta) but did you know the ‘Weather Underground’ terrorist organization, headed-up by Obama’s mentor Bill Ayers was part of the planning for the ’16 Year Plan’ by which Obama would set the stage for Hillary Clinton to begin the process of cracking-down on at least 25 million Patriots (if she got elected)?
[WE] also heard reports and (also) saw videos of WalMarts being closed-down for suspicious “plumbing problems” while at the same time were being [quietly] prepared as temporary holding facilities for (later revealed after being exposed) “illegal aliens” with all the infrastructure resembling the “Re-education Camps” with cages set-up as prison cells the ‘Weather Underground’ terrorist organization discussed in secret meetings for the round-up of the estimated 25 million Patriots (“to be exterminated”).
Are you still in denial because the fake ‘debunkers’ say it’s FALSE? Watch an informant discuss what the ‘Weather Underground’ planned for you and me in the video below !
Stores in California, Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma closed Tuesday with little to no warning, in some cases without even letting the city know, leaving thousands of people without jobs Walmart claims employees can move to another store) and sparking widespread theories as to the real reason for the abrupt closures.”

The “crackdown” on Conservative Christian Gun Owners and Activists, standing in the way of the ’16 Year Plan’ to pave the way for a full blown Communist dictatorship in America with China, holding the keys to everything require[d] for the elimination of 25 million Americans.
The ‘Weather Underground’ leaders and [Bill Ayers] of whom was never convicted (like Hillary Clinton’s recent pass by Comey) and allowed to preach Communism as a college professor in Chicago agreed “the only solution” for a complete take-down of America would require the extermination of at least 25 million Americans, under the guise of a rapid and out-of-control disease / plague or out-right termination if (you) were rounded-up and placed in the “Red” category at a FEMA re-education camp.
During those days of the Obama regime, many media researchers, with video evidence, showed-us the preparations for Martial Law, FEMA Camps with three categories: Green, Yellow & Red, ‘Jade Helm 15’ military operations in cities, the 500,000 plastic coffin liners, train cars outfitted to carry prisoners, plus the numerous other happenings behind the scenes of which have reached the surface NOW….and it ALL stems from 9/11.

Therefore….if you wish to remain in denial and can’t decide which lane you are in, with many of you walking down the center of the road…..and as John B. Wells puts it…”either way, you will get hit if you don’t get on the right side” of this spiritual war.

YOU have to pick a side and both sides will see blood. No doubt…because what is coming is extremely dangerous for America, and the Deep State are NOT going-down easy with a “I’m sorry…I was stupid, careless, etc” but will see themselves in front of a Military Tribunal with a one-way ticket to GITMO.
And I love it when the Deep State trolls or deniers like Steve Quayle or Susan Duclos freak-out when I mention GITMO, (because of one insider that he himself might really know the truth, but can’t discuss it) or they are basically saying, either nothing is going to happen to any of the seditious / treasonous bastards, but yet “a meteor is coming and we’re all doomed,” or they themselves cannot understand….there is much happening, but is hidden in the details as a piece of the puzzle. 
(WE) can see certain things happening at GITMO and if you follow what is happening….the media discusses the 9/11 (alleged) terrorists that are NOT being convicted or sentenced in all these years, but when you see (the detainees) might hold the cards as to who really was behind 9/11….you can then see the likelihood of how and why (they) haven’t been convicted because it involves the likes of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and others complicit in the planning and execution of 9/11 with foreign players as well.
GITMO renovations are not limited to a 5 bed facility for “accommodating aging terrorists,” but adding 848 new bed facilities for Military Police and holding cells for what Trump termed, “some really bad dudes.”
“The biggest ticket item for the U.S. Navy base in Cuba in the so-called Omnibus Spending law is $115 million for a new 848-troop barracks across the street from the McDonald’s and commissary to consolidate enlisted prison staff under one roof.”

So….why the need to keep GITMO running with massive renovations if al Qaida and ISIS are neutralized? Why build barracks with 848 (additional) beds for Military Police?
The outrageous crimes committed on 9/11 and everything that followed is in (our) hands today with over 90,000 sealed indictments, many being unsealed and Grand Juries being convened behind closed doors from public and media scrutiny. 
“Clearly, the ones that target sources close to Obama and other high profile criminals, are being unsealed first, as part of a campaign of public discovery prior to the high profile indictments being unsealed. Thus, conditioning the public for acceptance of the truth, in due course.”
These criminals, especially GWB, Obama and Hillary Clinton can in no way in hell be placed in a U.S. based detention facility without their Communist supporters / ANTIFA making every attempt to destroy nearby businesses and neighborhoods close to a detention facility.
The other side of the coin says, these crimes of High Treason and Sedition to overthrow the United States [for China] before Trump was elected….and then attempt to overthrow his presidency by fake and illegal means, including the documented (estimated) 12 plus assassination attempts, and to put these bastards in front of a court in the United States (would again) cause chaos and likely Civil War.
Military Tribunals are necessary as it was for the Nuremberg Trials, but this time…’s far more worse than most people can fathom. Trump has no choice, nor does AG Barr…therefore, a new authority, to take-charge of the GITMO Military Tribunals has been commissioned as of May.
The current detainees at GITMO are about to begin singing….
[Nothing is a Coincidence] “Q”
If you believe NOTHING is happening behind the scenes and you cannot see bits and pieces of information that draws (us) closer to the bigger picture, then you MUST believe that 19 Muslim hijackers with box-cutters, entered 4 cockpits, creatively slashed the throats of 8 (non-resisting) pilots, jumped in the seats of these huge airliners, with little to no flight experience, and drove these jetliners into 3 buildings, you should also believe that WTC 7…..not hit by a plane, fell to the ground because of “flying debris, computers and furniture”…….or a 140 foot wide wing-span of a B-757 slammed into a 16 foot wide hole in the Pentagon and no windows destroyed on either side, but the best !!! A B-767 slams into the ground and disappears in a hole and NOTHING recovered.
If THAT’s your fantasy world reality, then commit to the dark side as an enemy of the American people……because YOU are needed during their time of extreme crisis and panic.
“The cards are being stacked” against those that tried to take-down America for China and Communism. 
Taking America back is your job and mine…..this is war and Communism is the head of the snake for feel good Socialism. 
—Dave Bertrand
“Mr. Reismeier is a retired U.S. Navy rear admiral. During his last active-duty tour, he simultaneously served as Assistant Judge Advocate General of the Navy and Chief Judge, Department of the Navy.  Throughout his career, he provided legal and policy advice to a variety of federal agencies, including the White House, Department of State, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, and the Judge Advocate General of the Navy, with specific concentration on the topic of military criminal justice.”
“The acting secretary of defense, Patrick Shanahan, appointed the retired judge, Christian L. Reismeier, to the civilian job — officially known as the convening authority for military commissions — last week and the Pentagon announced the decision on Tuesday. Mr. Reismeier, who retired as a one-star admiral in 2015, was spotted last week at Military Commissions headquarters in Alexandria, Va.”
Designation of Rear Admiral Christian L. Reismeier, USN (Ret) as Convening Authority for Military Commissions Pursuant to chapter 47A of title 10, U.S.C., section 948h, Christian L. Reismeier is designated as Convening Authority for Military Commissions. This designation is effective as of May22, 2019, and will continue until a new convening authority is designated.
In his role as Convening Authority, and in accordance with the applicable Rules for Military Commission, provisions of the Regulation for Trial by Military Commission, and applicable judicial orders, Mr. Reismeier is to receive legal advice relating to military commissions solely from an appropriately designated Legal Advisor to the Convening Authority and members of the appropriately designated Legal Advisor’s staff as necessary.
The memorandum,subject: Designation of Melinda L. Perritano as the Convening Authority for Military Commissions, dated August 9, 2018 is rescinded. Hatt Patrick m M. Shanahan e Acting cc: Acting Legal Advisors to the Convening Authority for Military Commissions Chief Prosecutor, Office of the Chief Prosecutor Chief Defense Counsel, Office of the Chief Defense Counsel Chief Judge, Military Commissions Trial Judiciary
From the Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Your Comments Are Welcomed and Can Be Published Unless You Specify Otherwise.

Retired Int’l Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727), Former (State) Law Enforcement, U.S. Customs (UC) Sector 5, Vietnam era Veteran (Korea), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University & University of Alaska (Undergraduate), Interests include Border Security, 9/11 Conspiracy, Government Corruption, New World Order, Freedom vs Communism, Secret Space Programs & UFO Encounters, Aviation, and Enjoy Living Off-The-Grid.

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