Zero Hedge: US Updates Maps to Show Golan as Zionist

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US Confirms It Updated Maps To Show Disputed Golan Heights As Israeli

After Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday showed off a map of Israel he received from the White House signed by President Trump, the State Department has confirmed it has officially changed its maps to show the disputed Golan Heights as Israeli territory.

The Netanyahu photo immediately generated controversy, given the US president had written the word “Nice” beside an arrow pointing to the Golan, which appeared as part of Israel. The prime minister boasted this was one of the early “updated” versions which the president had autographed.

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Phi Beta Iota: This is so stupid, so illegal, so in violation of every possible treaty and international convention, we can only assume this is our President tongue-kissing Netanyahu before he sticks the dagger in Netanyahu’s heart.  Our President is not stupid (Mike Pompeo might be).  This is off the charts insane & illegal. We pray it is an act of grand strategic deception.

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