Stephen E. Arnold: Is Amazon the New NSA Post-Google Mass Surveillance Empire?

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Stephen E. Arnold

AT&T: Amazon Telephone & Telegraph

The Bell heads are dazed with the ringing in their ears. The “real” news out Thomson Reuters published “Amazon Interested in Buying Boost from T-Mobile, Sprint.” Amazon’s chief bulldozer driver Jeff Bezos has a sixth sense for creating buzz, generating distraction, and whipping stakeholders into a frenzy of upside.

According to the real news story:

It was not immediately clear why the largest U.S. online retailer would want the wireless network and spectrum.

Yep, that’s the insight in the write up.

How about this factoid or opinionette:

The U.S. Justice Department would need to scrutinize the buyer of a divested asset to ensure it would stay viable and preserve competition.

DarkCyber may be able to do a bit more creating thinking.

The juiciest opportunity to obtain data is? Here are your choices for this one question test:

[a] Amazon wants to extend its data acquisition capabilities beyond the Alexa enabled devices

[b] Amazon believes that in the present regulatory environment, it can construct a 21st century version of the pre-Judge Green AT&T

[c] Amazon wants to kick start its data marketplace with information about “calls”, metadata about those calls, and enrich certain cross dataset analyses

[d] Amazon understands that the regulatory environment is struggling with the old school methods of Facebook and Google and has not a clue about the Amazon construct.

What’s the answer? You will have to sign up for my for fee Amazon lecture about policeware. Write us at darkcyber333 at yandex dot com for details. (Tip: The webinar costs money.)

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Amazon is in my view in massive violation of all manner of laws and regulations, but also — because the laws and regulations have not caught up with cyber-reality — also committing mass atrocities against people and companies and countries that are legal because they have not been outlawed yet.

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