Caitlin Johnstone: Rugged Individualism vs Enlightened Collectivism

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Rugged Individualism Cannot Save Us. Only Enlightened Collectivism Can.

So collectivism by itself is worthless. What we need is not just our healthy impulse to collaborate, but to collaborate in a wise and intuitive way that is not manipulated by the propaganda narratives of the powerful. We need an enlightened collectivism in which we all collaborate toward the good of the whole, not because we’ve been manipulated into it, nor even just because we’ve been convinced to by compelling arguments, but because we’ve become wise and compassionate enough to understand that that’s what’s best for everyone. This means fundamentally changing how our minds operate. It means a collective evolution into a wildly new relationship with thought.

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ROBERT STEELE:  Caitlin Johnstone is a most talented observer and her focus on enlightened collectivism merits comment.  She appears to be focused on the social or spiritual aspect of learning to play well together, while not commenting on the decision-support or evidence-based aspect. The reality is that 50% or more of what we are told and taught is a lie. No government, no bank, no corporation, no church, no foundation, anywhere, does holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). Furthermore, the failed Western economic model is focused on 50% waste and 90% profit for the banks, along with the financialization of the economy into a derivatives crap shoot and unlimited borrowing.

I was rude the other day to an engineer that asked why we should abandon proprietary technology that he regarded as his guarantee of reward for his innovation and labor. I just get too many emails to do one on one instruction but I should not have been rude. Here is the answer I should have given him and this repurposed into one of my Answers posts:

01 There is  FOUR TIMES more money to be made in the open source world from the five billion at the bottom of the pyramid than there is to be made from the one billion who are well-off.  We not only need to terminate Central Banks, inflation, borrowing, and all of the banking white collar fraud, we need to LOCALIZE production and keep profits LOCAL.

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02 The waste cannot be exaggerated.  Below is a Venn diagram created by a systems thinker.

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03 The savings from OSEE cannot be exaggerated.  Below is a comparison of the current proprietary-waste-theft model of tractor building, with the OSEE alternative. Not only do we wipe out the 80% to 90% waste and theft, but we also make it possible for the five billion with FOUR TRILLION to buy a tractor.

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If and when President Donald Trump is ready to rebuild this country and then the rest of the world, he can create an Open Source Agency (OSA) and an Inter-Agency Development Command (IADC), the first budgeted at $3B a year, the second at $125B a year.  The savings can be found in cutting the secret intelligence world by 50%  to 70% while eliminating the USAF nuclear and space programs that are the laughing stock of multiple civilizations.



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