Happy Birthday Robert! Good-Bye Zionism!

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Today is my birthday.  Technically I am 67 but I feel 47.

I am also broke.  Down to my last $75 in the non-profit, down to my last $20 in personal (but social security comes in tomorrow, thank you).

If you appreciate what I do, what I stand for, I would be glad to have your donations to http://paypal.me/EarthIntel (tax deductible for US taxpayers). Checks made out to Earth Intelligence Network can be mailed to me, email me for the address (robert.david.steele.vivas@gmail.com).

God Bless America, God Bless Donald Trump, and End the Zionists (not the Jews).  I am in this fight to the bitter bloody end.  The Zionists (not the Jews) picked this fight with me when they closed down #UNRIG six ways in ninety days. Payback is  sweet.  I treasure the Day of Atonement, one of the best things about the Jewish faith. Benjamin Netanyahu is in my humble opinion, both a war criminal and a “dead man walking.” The Zionist genocidal apartheid criminal invented state of Israel will be un-invented. The Palestinian state will be restored by 2026.

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Did I remember to say End the Zionists? Ben Garrison is my personal friend and is NOT an anti-Semite (never mind that the Jews are from Central Asia and the whole Hebrew/Middle East thing is invented). Here is the Zionist confession on how they use anti-Semitism as a “trick” — all bullshit — the people that go along with this are either being bribed or blackmailed or are plain stupid. The Department of Justice announcement about “fighting anti-Semitism” is either a clever feint by our President, or disgustingly stupid.

In combination, the Maxwell-Mossad pedophilia/Satanic Ritual Abuse scandal, 9/11 disclosure,the 27 states making it a felony to speak freely about boycotting Israel represent the beginning of the end of the Zionist parasite in the USA.

Robert Steele @Amazon & Free Online: Trump vs. The Deep State – Recent Reflections of a Former US Spy & Marine Corps Officer (Trump Revolution Book 35)

End the Zionists. END the Zionists.  If President Donald Trump will not do this I will.  I support our President for re-election in 2020. A new team is forming for 2024.

End the Zionists.  AIPAC/ADLare unregistered agents of a foreign power and should be terminated, starting with a class action lawsuit against the 27 states whose governors and state legislators passed laws making it a felony to call for a boycott of Israel, never mind the First Amendment.  Did I mention that I believe those laws passed because the Zionists have mini-Epsteins in those states and many of those people are on video doing bad things to small children? The class action lawsuit can do discovery to get at every email and every telephone call that led to these Gestapo-like laws being passed. We can show the public the “map” of how AIPAC/ADL bribed and blackmailed those laws — which should all be overturned by the Supreme Court — into being.

Let’s draw the line: any support for Zionism (not to be confused with Judaism) is rooted in bribery, blackmail, lies, and stupidity. The righteous — including most Jews — understand the difference between Zionisn (evil) and Judaism (good). It’s time we END the Zionist parasite’s control over the US economy, US government, and US society.

Other than that I am in a very good mood. We are all headed toward 1,000 years of peace and prosperity, anti-aging and free energy technologies and — did I  fail to mention this — the end of the genocidal apartheid criminal invented state of Israel?

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Event: Robert Steele, 19 October 2019, Berkeley Springs, “Full Disclosure: What Has Been Hidden, What Can We Know, Why Does It Matter?”

It will cost $1.4 million to put up 435 individualized billboard along the below lines.  This is the graphic that caused AIPAC and ADL to attack #UNRIG, Dr. Cynthia McKinney, and me, six ways in ninety days. They started this fight with me. I thank AIPAC and ADL for making this personal. Because of their attacks on me, I now understand that Zionism, not China, or Iran or Russia, is the “main enemy,” and I will fight the Zionist parasite to my last breath because it is the right thing to do. Others are mobilizing 22 million veterans to similar ends. I will not be alone in this fight.

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Ahruugaahh. God Bless America and God Bless our President.

Semper Fidelis,
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